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Ge Money Bank / Discount Tire / Unfair fees!

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I applied for a GE Money credit card to purchase brand new tires for my suv. The promotion stated that I would not be charged interests as long as I make the minimum payments before the due dates on the bill and if I paid the full balance before the promotional expiration date of april 16, 2008. I make each payment by the due dates... right on time. This one payment was paid on time (Dec. 2007)... the next statement (Jan. 2008) even states that it was paid. So I was shocked when they send the February statement, stating that not only did I not make the January installment, but they also charged two late fees of $39. each (total of $78).. plus a $29 charge for return check fee. This makes it a total of $107 in fees that accrued. NOT FROM MY ERROR. I sent payment... the money was in my checking account. I visited my bank to see what happened to that check. The bank tells me that the check never came through. It never went to my bank to be returned / rejected. Why are they charging me $29 for a return check fee??? Late fees of $39... TWICE. I wasn't late. They sent me a statement saying they got the check. But somehow from getting my check... they either lost it... THEIR bank lost it. Or they just decided to shred the check... make believe I never sent it in, and started charging me all these fees totaling $107. SINCE I always make payments on time, they weren't going to earn any extra money from me in finance charges, so they have to make it up with these bogus fees. It wasn't an error on my part. THEY SCREWED UP. Why should I pay for their mistake.

So I send them a letter explaining my position with proof (copies of all my statements)... they send me a letter saying they will not remove those charges. This company sounds very unprofessional and I want to lodge a formal complaint. I have proof that I made payments ON TIME. I should not have to pay an extra $107 for THEIR MISTAKE. Thank you...

I'm in California but they list this address:

P.O. Box 981127
El Paso, TX [protected]
(General Correspondence)

P.O. Box 960061
Orlando, FL [protected]
(Address to mail payments to)

P.O. Box 981438
El Paso, TX [protected]
(Billing Inquiries)

Customer Service [protected]) - no live person!

contact me at

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  • Li
      12th of Apr, 2008
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    Ditto, this company takes the cake when it comes to unfair charges, unfair credit reporting, and fee income. Just the same here, owed a certain amount, thought it was paid and then SURPRISE, the next statement late fee and a balloon of all the interest. I refuse to pay, they continue top destroy my credit, and GE makes out. This company has serious ethical issues. The address I was given because they would not allow me to talk with anyone but ID NUMBER 74000 who treats here callers as just a number as well, for goodness sakes, why in the world would they consisder a late fee as NOT A PART OF THE ORIGIN AL BALANCE so they can give a consumer a break! HECK KNOW, the big executives want to make ther milions a year. PROTEST THESE CREDIT CARD RINGS AND BRING BACK THE RIGHTS TO THE CONSUMERS!!!

  • Ro
      12th of Jun, 2008
    0 Votes

    oh good grief, if i had only read all of this about GE money bank before i purchased my tires at Discount Tire. I purchased my tires in mid April. I received my 1st statement on 5/29/08. noticed my minimum payment was doubled and also was charged a $39.00 late fee. I blew a gasket & called them immediately. Of course the person on the other end of the phone could barely speak any English, which made my conversation even more difficult. i demanded he remove the late charge as this was the first of any info ever received and that my purchase was only 30 days ago & there was no way I was already late. Apparently, they had mailed my card somewhere but not my house. So now there is a credit card floating around God knows where with my name on it. Demanded they cancel the card immediately & that I would not be responsible for any charges. They charged interst on the late fee and then wanted to collect a payment from me while we were on the phone. The man said he would remove late fee & balance would return to actual due. Told him to straighten this up or i would return merchadise. attitude changed fast. The very next morning @ 8:00 the harrasment started- told her to check her notes as this was handled & to stop calling. (Another foreigner) kept asking me to postdate a check. i said hello no. i just got my statement yesterday & my due date was mid june. everyday from that day forward received calls. called discount tire to advise. Mgr stated numerous complaints. told him that GE money was going to kill any future business for them. Do not look forward to my future dealings with this company (GE). Told callers that I would file harrassments charges o n them - now they call & hang up on answering machine without messages! If you are considering doing any business with GE Money- RUN like hell, unless you enjoy dealing with this kind of crap! Making first payment today & can't wait to see what happens now after reading all the above complaints. Jeez... should have just paid cash!

  • De
      18th of Feb, 2011
    0 Votes

    I agree totally with the statements here included. They have scammed me 230 dollars. Today, February 18, I asked them to close the account today. I will pay what they want and want to be rid of them. The supervisor told me I owe 82.56 and that if I pay with a card that they will not be able to

    I would like to join any of the class action suites.

    The company is incompetent They don't have an email in their web page. The bills in the web do not reflect the true state of the account. They keep putting bogus charges. I called in December and the operator told me that if I paid x amount I would be up to date and would not have to pay any more. I thought I was done with this account. But, no, they charged me another 190 dollars for month and a half. I called to be sure that the account was in O and it was not, it had a balance of 190 dollars.

    The company operators are not given all the info. on the account in a timely manner.

    DO NOT, do not, ask for paperless statements! You would never know what they are charging you for!!!

    I am reporting them.

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