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amazon.com store card denial

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I recently applied for an amazon.com store card through GE money back because they had an excellent finacing deal on LCD tvs. I have excellent credit with a score over 800 and I recently got a Lowes credit card last month which is also through GE Money Bank. I aplied and got a response a few days later via email saying I was not approved. The letter stated that they ere unable to verify identity. I was a bit worreid about this since identity theft/etc. is always a possibility and there was no reason I could think of me being denied a basic store credit card. I dug in a bit further and called amazon.com. They first suggested I check my credit report through equifax. I checked that and all information was correct, luckilly I didnt have to pay to get this information. The next call to amazon led me to the conclusion that somehow my phone number was to blame for this problem. I do not have a land line phone number, only a cell phone (I doubt I am in a unique situation here) BUT my cell phone billing address is through my employer, and is also a different area code. So basically there is not a direct link from my cell phone to my address or name. After going up the chain of command at at amazon.com and checking the FTC fair credit act that says you dont have to have a phone in your name to get credit, I was still not approved, and the computer program was responsible. It was suggested (by a supervisor) that I apply again (after waiting 30 days and the sale is over) I put in A FALSE PHONE NUMBER - LIKE MY NEIGHBOR OR FRIEND that is nearby, and then after I am approved I can switch it. What kind of crap is this? It seems like a land line phone is a requirement to get credit these days. I am getting scared the machines are getting too much power over common sense.
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A  20th of Jul, 2008 by    0 Votes
I had the same problem when recently applying for an amazon.com card. I was rejected because they could verify my identity. Although my cell phone payment address is the same as my current home address, which is the same as listed on my credit report. The lady at GE Money Bank claimed that my phone number on the application didn't match the one on my credit report...when my credit report doesn't even show my phone number on it, just addresses. I've had the same phone number now for a long time (3+ years) and all my credit accounts, bank accounts, etc. all have this number on record. I have no idea what the problem exactly is, and GE Money bank was no help whatsoever except to tell me to reapply in three months. Problem is, what phone number do I use then? What a joke...does amazon want people to apply for these cards or what?
A  21st of Jul, 2008 by    0 Votes
I had the same problem. Living in same home for over a decade. Have an AMEX gold card for over 2 decades. Have a circuit city card with lots and lots of available credit not being used. I will probably buy from Circuit City and I have shorted Amazon Stock and their stock is already heading down. So far I am up 10% on my short positon.
N  21st of Jul, 2008 by    0 Votes
Consider yourself lucky! Do not get a credit card through GE. Read the warnings on https://www.complaintsboard.com. I got scammed by these ###s.
A  2nd of Aug, 2008 by    0 Votes
GE MONEY BANK IS A COMPLETE SHAM! I have a credit score over 850 and yet I was denied a simple Amazon.Com charge card today. I was excited at the prospect of having 24 months to pay for an LCD TV along with a few extra components. After I applied, I received a web page stating I would be notified by mail. I thought there must have been some mistake as I have NEVER been denied credit...EVER. So I call up and reach INDIA of course, and some lady says that something must not have matched my credit report on the application. We run through what they have in their system and it all matches what I put on the application. I'm so concerned that I run THREE bureau reports and everything is fine on all three of my credit reports. I call GE MONEY BANK back and get nasty service, hung up on, and then finally someone willing to help. They tell me that they are trying to push the application through and keep me on hold forever. In the meantime, I'm reading all these negative reports about them and growing more concerned. When they finally came back on the phone, I almost cancelled the application, but thought I would give it a try. They said it needed to be forwarded to application research and to call back in an hour.

I did so and to make a very long story short, after half an hour, the lady helping me said I need to answer a few questions taken from public record to verify the account. The first question? "What is the color of your hair you put on your driver's license?" I have NEVER been asked this before and it caught me so off guard, I actually answered. Until the next questions..."What is the height you stated on your driver's license?" That was it. I was finished. I asked to have my application cancelled right then and there. Seemed WAY TO FISHY TO ME! Has anyone ever been asked this before??

Now I'm seriously concerned that through all this hassle, they have somehow screwed something up and I fear idenity theft. So I'm going to run my reports in two months and every two months after that for six months. I have no idea what these people are doing. I'd say, STAY AWAY!!!

My opinion, if you have the a credit card with a low APR or if you can negotiate, buy stuff that way. All these people on here have been screwed over so bad, they would have been better off putting there purchase on a normal credit card.
A  5th of Aug, 2008 by    +1 Votes
So I guess I'm not alone... I found this complaint through google searching for information after GE Money Bank's incompetence left me confused and annoyed.

I applied for an Amazon.com card on July 3rd 2007, when they had the 36 month financing offer on the LCD TVs. It seemed like a great deal as the TV is tax free and shipping was free too. I've purchased a TV from Amazon before but on my Amex, so I was not at all worried about the delivery. I am a college student with two credit cards that carry no debt and only federal subsidized loans. My credit score is over 750 and I have never had a late payment on anything. I was shocked when my application was not approved within the "30 seconds" amazon promised. I was sure there had been a mistake so I called Amazon, was connected to GE money bank, and have just had nightmares with it since.

I was told that my application needed "further review" and after a few days and speaking to about eight different people (mostly monotone CSR's in India) I received an email telling me that my application was rejected because they could not verify my identity. I called them, and surely enough nobody could tell me what that meant. I did just move into a new home in July so I figured that was that and was told to reapply in 30 days. I thought it was ridiculous but was willing to give it another shot.

Earlier this evening I tried reapplying (it has been about 33 days) and again got the "application code" screen. After speaking to about 6 different people in India who have no clue what they are talking about I realized these are probably not people I want to finance something that is $1800.00, and that I am better off just paying a couple hundred more at circuit city (who I also hate dealing with but at least their cards are through Chase and not GE).

I have always had good experiences with Amazon but they really need to find someone else to host their credit cards... rejecting people with good credit is just bad business. I am considering taking some kind of legal action to find out exactly why my application was denied and exercising all my rights under the FCRA.
A  7th of Aug, 2008 by    0 Votes
Hi guys, I got the same problems. I have a good credit and never been denied for the last 3-4 years. I applied amazon.com store card and got denied because they unable to verify my identity. I tried to call their customer service, got routed in India and they're unable to help me. I asked my father who also got a good credit to appy for amazon.com store card. He got denied for the same exact reason. Amazon is better off having their store card taken care by someone else, such as: Chase who has been excellent handling their visa card. I'm writing to amazon telling them my problem and provide them with this website address. Hopefully if enough people complain they will drop their agreement with GE Money bank.
N  10th of Aug, 2008 by    0 Votes
Got same response "UNABLE TO VERIFY IDENTITY". I am agree a BIG SCAM from GE Money Bank.
A  13th of Aug, 2008 by    0 Votes
I have a very good credit rating. Have had no problems with being issued a Credit Card from my bank... Didn't have the identity problem described above. However I was looking to take advantage of the HDTV 24 months interest free special offered by Amazon. The credit line I was given was much lower than expected. After being bounced around customer service for a while I finally got someone to try increasing the limit. No good... I e-mailed Amazon letting them know. I'm just going to leave it sitting there and not use it until maybe I need to buy some books or something.
A  18th of Aug, 2008 by    0 Votes
I've tried 3 times and got the same "UNABLE TO VERIFY IDENTITY" letter. Called both Amazon and GE and both side gave me the same answer that the processing of credit application was done by computer - human intervention is not possible for this process.

Everyone that has been affected by the above scam please file a complete FTC complaint.


In the mean time please explore and be in contact with class action lawyers to survey the feasibility of a suit case for credit denial without probable clause.
A  20th of Aug, 2008 by    0 Votes
I have similar experience with Ap. I have excellent credit score and didn't have trouble to get the online application approved. But the credit limit I got approved for was pitiful $1600 and not enough to cover the TV I would like to purchase. I am currently inquiring if they can somehow split the charges and at least allow me to take advantage of the 24-month-no-interest deal on the 1600 amount. Still waiting for them to get back to me. Their phone services suck big time. I had to repeat my phone number 5 times... and I am sure it wasn't because of my English.
N  20th of Aug, 2008 by    0 Votes
Consider yourself LUCKY! GE Moneybank is one of the biggest sacams going. Do a search on GEMB, GE Moneybank or CareCredit
D  23rd of Aug, 2008 by    0 Votes
I applied for my Amazon store card when I bought my 52 inch LCD and had no troubles. I was approved. My credit score is above 750. I chuckled at the gentleman claiming his score was above 850 as the FICO rating system doesn't go above 850. Sorry to those who had trouble. Unfortunately CSRs work for cheap in India. If you calmly explain that you have trouble understanding heavy accents tehy will connect you with a stateside CSR. Use your words kids, they are the most powerful weapon you have.
A  26th of Aug, 2008 by    0 Votes
I completely agree with you guys on this!!!
I applied for an amazon store card about 1 month ago and got approved instantly with a good credit line. So I figure since amazon has some amazing deals right now with their lcd line, I'd use the new credit I have, but low and behold, after I placed the order, a day later I get an email stating I have to verify my identity and phone number. So I do what a normal person does, I give them a call and see what the heck is going on. They wanted me to send a billing statement, which I couldn't do because my account was still new and I didn't receive a statement yet, so I go online and print out the account details online, I fax that over to them, thinking everything was ok, I get another email, stating that wasn't good enough, so I call customer service again and see what the heck is going on, so then they gave me another phone number to call, and here is the funny thing, the number they gave me was to the GAP Card..lol, sorry if this is confusing to some of you guys reading this but all this is just stupid, my order is now placed on hold for no apparent reason and now I have to wait for a mail stating what I should do next, even though I called and sent them everything they asked for. In the end, it isn't worth it guys, if its all for a phone number issue..lol.
N  27th of Aug, 2008 by    0 Votes
Message to John about FICO...I'm a VP for one of the "big three" credit reporting agencies and you're wrong about FICO scoring. FICO scores CAN range above 850 and do exist, although not common, and depends on the Fair Isaac model the credit bureau uses. Each one is different and the scores do not just stop at 850.

Before you decide to "chuckle" at someone, do your homework and make sure your statements are accurate. Afterall, if you're telling folks on this board to use their words as they are the most powerful weapon, I suggest you make sure the words coming out of your mouth have a bit of truth to them.

As for the GE MONEY BANK/AMAZON.com issues, I can almost guarantee you there is a HUGE software glitch that is preventing applications from going through. Remember, it's all computer based and there isn't a person that is sitting at a desk reviewing each of these apps by hand. I'm sure with the amount of complaints the website is receiving, it should be addressed
A  23rd of Sep, 2008 by    0 Votes
I had the same EXACT issue. They said they couldn't verify my identity because my area code was missing from my credit report. So, they put an inquiry on my report and denied me credit (This had NEVER happened before). I had to wait for one month and apply again. This time they only approved me for $1, 100. It's ridiculous.
A  28th of Sep, 2008 by    0 Votes
I did not have the identity issue, however I was only approved for $500 despite having a 760 credit score. I was trying to buy a $1500 TV from Amazon and I wanted to take advantage of the 24 months interest free offer. When I contacted GE Money via their phone number to ask about getting my credit line increased they told me to call a different number which turned out to be their coporate account number and I couldn't get through to anyone. Next, I tried their online messaging and got a response stating that I was denied a credit limit increase and would be receiving a letter in the mail stating why. A week later I had the letter which told me that the reason for the denied increase in credit limit was due to insufficient experience at the current credit limit. Since I have 2 cards with limits over $7000 all I can guess is that they mean I don't have enough experience with GE Money and their over 21% APR. I iimmediately cancelled my account with GE Money.

I am actually more upset with Amazon than GE Money since GE Money is obviously a bad company but Amazon has been just fine up to this point. It seems like they just want to get your attention with the interest free offer and then find a simple way to make it impossible to take advantage of and hope you will still buy the item.
A  4th of Jan, 2009 by    0 Votes
I just had the same problem this past weekend being denied for a $2000 purchase with 6th Ave. Although my score is not 830 or some freakish number like that, it is in the mid 700's which is still classified as excellent. After reading this board, I think I fall into the same case as someone above as I changed my phone service and number a few months ago. This should have no bearing on approval unless there's some scary trend with changing phone numbers.

Bottom line: GE, a once great American company, has completely lost its way in this country. Them and more specifically their CEO Immelt have opted to run that company's stock into the ground for upteen consecutive quarters and have overseas contracts with Iran and then deny credit to upstanding Americans with excellent credit ratings looking to purchase goods here at home.
No wonder the economy is in the crapper.
Even before all this, I had a personal boycott against all GE products because of the current dealings with Iran. I was willing to grant a temporary reprieve becuase I so wanted this home theater system, but this incident really seals the deal with me and GE. They are officially on my boycott list forever. That final nail is in the coffin, and the final nail in their coffin as business is soon coming with business sense and practices like these.
GE, you're fired!
N  4th of Jan, 2009 by    0 Votes
Update: In order to make the purchase I wanted and bypass the totally inept and brain dead company known as GE Money, I just applied for the Citi Platinum Select card, which I might add requires *excellent* credit, yields the same 0% for 12 months, has an APR of 6.74% thereafter, and no annual fee. I'll also add I got approved within seconds for a limit of over 3x what I was asking for from GE and got denied on.

GE MONEY, WHO THE HELL NEEDS YOU? Your business practices borderline on psychotic and an 8 yr old running a lemonade stand has more business sense than you do. You are a further detriment to our economic state and economy as awhole. You do business with Iran with no shame, and the more I think about it GE should move to Iran. I see many like qualities between the two. Hell, I wish we could at least deport your entire staff there least of all Jeffrey Immelt. But then again maybe we should thank good ol' Jeff because he will have that good for nothing company run completely into the ground in the not too distant future. How many consecutive losing quarters is that now Jeff? That alone goes to show how far up their ### GE's board has their heads for keeping him on this long AND paying him bonuses!

Good riddance and NEVER AGAIN!
A  8th of Jun, 2009 by    0 Votes
I had to apply for a GE money bank credit card in order to take advantage of LED tv sales going on in my area. I was rejected and, needless to say, a little disgruntled about the situation. I have good credit! The tv was only going to be $2, 700 and some change which, for what I was getting, was an excellent deal. I was so mad. I can own a $40, 000 vehicle and have NEVER missed or paid a payment late, but I can't get a loan for a friggin' tv? Gimme a break. This company blows.
A  30th of Nov, 2010 by    0 Votes
How can GE money send me a confirmation email with a reference code and then have me call CS to be told that my application does not exist.

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