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I had to purchase another canopy range hood and extension kit from a different manufacturer because the DE Profile one I purchased with the rest of my home appliances would not work. I was given information that was troubling from customer service and they would not return the original hood because it was beyond 30 days. I take issue with this because the website information was VERY incomplete and misleading. Resolution information was incorrect and a little condescending.

In retrospect, there was really no possible way for me to determine this hood was not 10' long unless I delved into the customer questions on the website, which is a lot of work on the part of the consumer to figure out that something is not what it says. I'd really just like to return the hood and kit for a refund (I bought over 8K in GE products) but am now going to have to try to sell it on Craigslist or something. This puts a really bad taste in my mouth about GE as a company. I agree that when ordering I was informed about the 30 day return but also feel as if there should be an exception when incorrect and/or incomplete information is presented by the manufacturer. I'll try to attach documentation to this complaint but would love to speak with someone in authority about it.

GE Appliances
GE Appliances
GE Appliances

Jun 16, 2017

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