GDEXbuying contact lens from 11street. my

I missed a call from the office. But at first I didn't even bother to call back as I didn't know it is from gdex and neither it looks like an important call. Because they only called me once! Once! So I check the tracking on that day, only then I know it's from gdex and my parcel is already arrived at the office. I decided to wait but there is no delivery on that day. Same also on the next day. When I check the tracking again, it still wrote the same. But suddenly on the third day, the tracking wrote, (Unable to locate). I called but no one pick it up! Why the hell they didn't call me back before decided to change the status to unable to locate. What's more, this is my 2nd time with gdex. They should have know my address because the first time with gdex, they called me twice to confirm my address and then to ask wheter im home. Wth with gdex. Just close your effing service

Jan 25, 2017

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