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GC Services / Poor service!

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These people are the lowest of low. Paid one citation via their WWW site. Used a credit card (which they probably don't like because it costs them...) Tried to pay a second citation and couldn't do it. Website claimed the "credit card couldn't be used right now" Called their office, they don't have anything to do with the website, they can take a check over the phone. Or pay with credit card via Western Union (for an extra fee, imagine that...) One rep called me a "dick" and hung up while saying "### it" when he thought i was already disconnected. Called back and spoke with a woman this time, told her what had just happened and wanted to speak with someone else, she cut me off. Called back again and she cut me off again. Called in and got a different male this time. He started out being very helpful with the web issue, spoke to him about the other rep's behavior, told me he would get that addressed (what an idiot I AM for believing that...) and to wait a couple of hours for the web problem to clear up and call him back at his extension if it didn't. Still wasn't cleared up this morning so called them back again. Got a woman this time, asked for the personal extension given to me, and was transferred back to the original jerk with the profane mouth. Told him i wanted the other extension and the other rep and he told me i couldn't speak with him, first he wasn't available, then he was not handling this anymore, what a liar. Then I asked to speak with a supervisor and magically someone cut in on the phone and claimed to be the supervisor, and he was a real pip. Told me he could not help with the WWW problem, and went back to the old "check by phone" or the Western Union credit card extra fee option. Told him i wasn't going to do that and please check on the website for me and let me know what he finds out.

Decided to try and discuss with corporate offices in Houston, called there and explained the situation. She said hold on and GUESS WHAT? Transferred me right back to this "supervisor" again...

Typical collection agency. Bunch of rude, obnoxious heathens. A**holes.

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  • Da
      5th of Aug, 2007
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    My medical practice has been receiving calls for my receptionist, who apparently had an outstanding student loan debt. When she informed them that she was not to receive phone calls at the office, a man named "Mr. Short" operating out of their Columbis, OH office called her a liar./ When my office manager took the phone to tell him they were not to call this office, he called her a "[censored]ng liar" and stated that my office was a "front" for my employee. When I called back to complain, they repeatedly hung up, until such time I refused to get off the phone. "Mr. Short threatened to patch a three way call to my local police department for harassment, at which time I told him to do so, since there were questions that I wanted answered regarding why he was using profanity. This jerk wouldn't let me answer any questions, but I have come up with at least seven violations of FTC law which he committed while talking to my office. "Mr. Short" has some legal problem coming his way, as does GC Services.

  • Jo
      21st of Aug, 2007
    0 Votes

    You obviously are such a dense individual that you assume me to be someone I am not. What that has to do with the questions that were asked, I am not sure. But seriously, why shouldn't your employee pay back their loan? I would be willing to bet that no one from GC used any vulgar language on the phone. They didn't just luck into a government contract, my friend. Oh yeah, what was the answer to that last question???

  • Ka
      14th of Sep, 2007
    0 Votes

    I worked at Gc Services Call Center in Huntington, WV a couple of times and I quit this last time because of the fuel constraints and the way they treat customers.
    Well they cheated me out of an hours work and $1.50 an hour on my final check and I was never late or never late from my breaks but the took revenge out on me because I quit so I am filing a complaint with the Labor Board and let them handle it... what a bad place to work!!!

    Furthermore people were getting their tires slashed by disgruntled ex employees and they did nothing since they have a bunch of drug addicts working there and even in supervisor positions since they do not drug test. Sprint/Nextel needs to know this!!

  • No
      14th of Sep, 2007
    0 Votes

    man I work there still in Phoenix, Az. I been getting Yelled at and screamed at by my manger all day every day. I have been there for 90 day and today I told him I am a Employee Not a piece of Crap... He threatened to fire me monday

  • Jo
      14th of Sep, 2007
    0 Votes

    what are y'all crying about? are you collectors or a bunch of babies? since when is it the responsibility of your employer to coddle you? why do you get yelled & screamed at? cuz you aren't a budget hitter? cuz you fail to meet your goals? or just because you are a lazy employee????

  • Ca
      18th of Sep, 2007
    0 Votes

    So tell us how to best get them where it hurts. Seems like many people would be interested in that.

    And John Smith, go blow it out your ###!

  • Jo
      23rd of Sep, 2007
    0 Votes

    why don't you stop crying you little baby. it is quite obvious that you have an intellectual disability and have to use vulgar language to express yourself. I bet everyone of the people you are cursing about makes more money then you do. what do you do for a living.....I mean besides sucking ### for money.

  • Bi
      1st of Oct, 2007
    0 Votes

    A woman called my neighbor and said it was important to get a message to me. Turned out to be a company I had never heard of called GC Services. I called the number and the man who answered was very rude, said I could only get the direct number if someone had called me direct, would not tell me what the business was, then hung up on me.

    They should not get my neighbors involved.

  • Jo
      24th of Oct, 2007
    0 Votes

    You should pay your bills... bill you are clearly lying. They probably asked you your name to try to locate your information, but you, being scared refused to give them any information so they couldn't tell you why they were calling you. Same reason you dont want them calling your neighbor is why they won't just tell anyone on the phone they are calling to collect money from you.

  • Cy
      13th of Dec, 2007
    0 Votes

    Don't pay your citations to GC SErvices! Make an appt with the court to see judge and pay it to the court - the place you owe the money to! GC Services are complete crooks. I had an unpaid traffic ticket that went into collection with them and they wanted $991 on a court fine that was $150. They said that paying the ticket to them was the only recourse to lift the license suspension. It wasn't, so I discovered. All I had to do was contact the court, make an appt to see the judge and get the suspension lifted until the hearing. I ended up paying $150. GC Services marked up 900% on that ticket! They are crooks! And they tried the same thing with a girlfriend telling her she had to pay them $1100 but she went to the court and only had to pay $110.

  • Me
      20th of Dec, 2007
    0 Votes

    Thank you so much!! I have two outstanding citations, and tried to pay via webstie. The web security certificate was invalid, which sent up the first red flag. The fact that I would receive an immediate 150.00 deduction if I paid in full was a pink flag which soon turned red, when I clicked and realized the credit card info page appeared before the amount was totalled. The clincher was when the site crashed, and I re-entered my info (idiot!!) and a different amount appeared! It changed 3 times. A website with a non-existant navigational or company information is very suspect. I am shocked that LA County has obtained their services. Well... perhaps not.

  • Sm
      19th of Aug, 2008
    0 Votes

    My license was suspended for failure to pay, I contacted GC Services who told me I had only ONE ticket open, the fixit ticket I had, had been cleared, and if I pay that day I would get my license back. So I did. My husband and I took off work, went to the courthouse, picked up the abstract and took that to the DMV. The DMV tells me that I have another outstanding ticket [lost fixit ticket] and my license would stay suspended until paid.
    Confusing to me since GC Services told me that ticket was cleared. Now I'm out the $$$ for taking off work and I still cannot drive.

  • Di
      3rd of Dec, 2008
    0 Votes

    This is amazing!! I am going through the very same thing and even lost a job because of it! I cannot get my drivers license back until I pay GC services, for a seatbelt ticket 4 years ago that to my own fault was never paid :(

    Now that I am attempting to be responsible but unable to pay the amount that GC wants, I'm screwed! I asked to see a judge, GC said nope...bad part is that in our city the GC services office/clerk is inside the courthouse! I know if I get into a judge I could get the amount reduced or at the very least do community services or something...not pay the $800.00!

  • Jj
      25th of Mar, 2010
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    I got a ticket in August 2009. It was for "not having a valid PHOTO drivers license" (is that actually a real infraction?) I had a paper issued license from the DMV. When I read the vehicle code he had written it as a normal "not in possession of license" ticket, so I got the ticket signed off by the DMV and prepared the fixit amount of $25 (cheaper to pay then waste gas to return to LA) After not being able to reach the LA courts by phone to ask where to mail my payment and proof of correction, the appearance date past, and when I finally did reach the court 3 weeks after, they told me I had to contact GC services for handling the ticket. It jumped from $25 to $869! There was no way in hell I was going to pay that amount and take a guilty conviction when I have proof I am innocent. Everytime I called GC services I had to deal with rude reps, lots of lost calls (they claimed they would transfer my call and then CLICK!) and more headaches then I have had in a long time! I did some reading online and discovered these guys are LYING when they say the only way to resolve a failure to appear is to pay them. There are several attorneys who will, for a fee, take the case. Not being able to pay an attorney though, I had to see what I could learn for free. If a lawyer can reverse a failure to appear then why couldn't I? It was now 6 months past the court date and I started back at zero again. I called up GC services and told them "I AM NOT GUILTY! I HAVE PROOF!" That didn't seem to make a difference until I started speaking of lawyers who specialize in reversing failure to appear cases. After 10 minutes of hell on the phone, I finally got my point accross and was asked if I wanted to make a court date. YES!!! I got my foot in the door, for now. After being transferred I got my court date, but it is in 6 months! They claim that's the soonest I can get in...well better late then never as I see it. But that leaves me with the problem of suspended license and another round of battles with GC services. They told me I could apply for a temporary abstract, which would clear my license until the court date. That sounds good to me, so I can drive until I prove I could drive in the first place. But getting this abstract is hell! I was told I needed to go to the GC services window at the court (which is 3 hours away) to see if I QUALIFY for the abstract. I told them I lived far away and if I could get the phone number to the GC services window to check before making a long trip for nothing. I was told "We don't have the number." ...Why not? It's the same company right. I am guessing because they want to do everything in their power to get that fine payed to them. I called again and spoke to the same woman who i argued with for 10 minutes previously, and once again was told they don't have the number. But this time I didn't give them any information, I just said i had a general question. When I started pressing the issue of why they didn't have the number since they are the same company, the woman just asked if I had a ticket number. When I said no she said "Thank You" and hung up! I have looked online and cannot find anything except the 800 # to reach GC services, and all of these complaints of poor service, rude employees, crooks, immoral (if not illegal) practices and much more!

    I wish everyone who has to deal with these people the best of luck!

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