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GC Services / Inconsiderate, rude

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WOW! Am I glad I am not the only one! I am writing to tell you of the absolute ### OF THE EARTH, the HEATHENS at CG services. So, I fell behind on some credit card debt...I have EVERY intention to pay it off once we are more financially secure. The mortgage comes first! These people are harrassing me DAILY, with calls to my in-laws, and calls to my place of employment. Threatening me, claiming that I am 'HIDING", BELITTLEING me, calling me a "job-jumper", when they have no clue who I am, or of my personal situation. I just keep hanging up on them. I REFUSE to deal with these jokers. Man, I get upset just writing this. Never in my life have I been literally treated like an animal! These people must be stopped! Block all calls from [protected]!!!
In any event, we have begun the process of working with a credit counseling service to help us with our debt. I will never deal with GC services again. The woman I sopke with was such an incredibly awful human being, that I seriously would not hesitate for a second running her down with my was that BAD of an experience! My advice to anyone who is contacted by these ###, is to ignore them, and seek help from another type of credit counseling service, or debt consolidator...someone who will treat you like a human being, will not chastise you, and who will genuinely want to help you out.

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  • An
      19th of Aug, 2009
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    GC Services just started calling me yesterday. I was polite but refused. I made the horrendous mistake of saying they could call back at a better time for me. When they did call back (today) they were extremely persistent in trying to get my personal info. This is regarding past due student loans. They began nicely, and when I refused to give them any information over the phone they got nasty. They threatened to report me and put my credit in bad status. It's almost amusing, since obviously it's in bad status already or they wouldn't be calling me! I am, and maybe incorrectly, thinking that if it's a federal govt. loan, they would already have my current info. ALL of it including my address, etc. I am in communications with the student loan people. I am currently in a negative income status. I just got over cancer. The Federal Govt. has been keeping my tax returns every year that I have not been able to pay. Therefore, they (GC Services) already know this if they were 100% legit. I told them they couldn't get blood from a turnip, and hung up on them.

  • Rc
      3rd of Jun, 2016
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    GC Services - Rude, inconsiderate!
    United States

    Not more than 20 minutes before posting this, I received a call from GC Services asking for my father. I asked the operator if I may ask who it was that was calling, and she identified herself as Ms. Lucas calling from GC Services. With the volume lower on my phone, I was unable to hear what company she said she was from, so I asked if she could repeat herself. She once again said her name was Ms. Lucas, but not which company she was calling from. With a very obvious attitude in her voice, as though my asking who was calling offended her, she repeatedly interrupted me while I asked her to tell me the name of the company so I could tell my father who it was that was calling, asking me if my father was available or not. By the time I got the full question out of my mouth, she retorted with “Are you his lawyer?!”. I told her I was my father’s son, and her exact words were “Well then, “son”, is your father [censored]ing available or not? I’ve told you who I am twice, and if you are hard of hearing, that’s not my problem. I’ll call back in two hours and see if he’s available then.” First of all, what business is it of anyone’s who I am when they’re asking for my father, and all I’m trying to do is accurately relay a message. Second of all, if this Ms. Lucas is trying to behave like a professional debt collector, she should know that profanity and a smart-a** attitude are not going to get her very far. I may only be 21 years old, but that does not mean I am less entitled to general human courtesy than anyone else, not that is matters anyway. I work in a call center, and if my conduct was in any way like hers, I would be fired without hesitation. Trust me when I say, Ms. Lucas's behavior is rapidly earning her and her organization a formal investigation. Thank you, Ms. Lucas. You've just prevented my day from being boring.

  • Jo
      3rd of Jun, 2016
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    I feel your are not alone, these people are the absolute ### OF OUR EARTH!

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