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Gateway computer / Faulty Computer

1 MA, United States

Bought a brand new 900.00 gateway tower 1/22/09 from best buy, worked great for the first month and a half and then randomly started shutting down with no error codes, i would turn it on and 2 minutes later it shut down. Contact Gateway via tech chat the rep told me to try updating drivers in which i couldnt keep computer on long enough to even get to driver device screen, contacted another rep via online chat who told me something differently that sounds like video card overheating and whatever i was doing on computer i couldnt do (which means going online i guess i paid this much to buy a computer to sit there just for decoration?) i then contacted them via telephone spoke to a rep who sounded like he knew what he was doing and told me i needed to send it to repair center, this was beginning of March but i had to pay for shipping and insurance which costed me 80.00 so i did it recieved it back with repair comments saying basically they couldnt find anything they tested it and ran it overnight, ok so i set it up turned it on and 2 minutes later it shut down, contacted another rep who told us to go to computer and look for codes could not find one it gave us no error messages at all, so rep send you have to send it in but they will cover shipping, mind you i just recieved it back same i sent it back out and recieved back 5/27/09 with repair comments replaced hard drive, at this point i thought it was fixed so excitedly i set it up turned it on and it worked...fine for about 7 days and started shutting down again, called gateway back explained everything again for probably about the 20th time since problem started and guess what had to send it back out 7 days after i recieved it back, so i sent it out again apparently to a higher technical level recieved it back 6/15/09 with repair comment could not recreate issue successfully (WHAT) you have to be kidding me this time fuming i called them back spoke to aa tech who really did not want to help resolve my problem and kept saying i have to send it in i asked her to look at her computer and see how many times that month i had sent it in finally i asked for a supervisor and requested either a refund for amount i paid or a brand new computer i will not accept a rebuilt since i paid very good money for brand new one and it is not my fault there computer is faulty sup said they could not do that i have to send it back in, he straight out refused to give me a customer service number and a corporate number he said he did not have one for me and i have to write in a complaint which is ridiculous its like they are telling me to keep wasting time so by the time i get to corporate my warranty is up...i looked online and found Gateway corporate number [protected] my fiance called and spoke to a patsy who was very nice and symethetic to my issues and told us we need to send for final evaluation, so i sent it back out and recieved back 6/25/09 to repair comments cleanedd thermal units and fans, set it up lasted a few days and now the computer totally freezes up 3 minutes after turning it on, and it also came back damaged!!!...i am so tired of dealing with this company 6 months after buying the computer about 85% of the time the computer was either being shipped to them or back to me or in repair center, i will be contacting corporate back on monday and requesting a full refund for amount i paid for computer or a brand neww computer equal to the one i bought i will not be accepting a rebuilt and i will not be sending it back to repair center only way i am sending it back is if they are refunding or sending me a brand new computer, so today i have the Massachusetts Attorney general on speedial as well as the form to fill out for a consumer complaint since i have all my documentation for shipping it, within ONE MONTH MY COMPUTER WAS SHIPPED BACK AND FORTH 3 TIMES!!! AS WELL AS ONCE IN BEEGINNING OF MARCH, ALSO OVER 25 CALLS TO GATEWAY. the one thing i wish i had were names and rep ID's for all the reps i spoke to who should take a training class on how to treat a consumer since they are also consumers and would not want to deal with this, i am a consumer and will not accept anything less than what i paid for. I work for a massive telecommunications company the largest in the united states with over a billion customers and i will not be recommending gateway!!!


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