Gardner-White Furniturecustomer service and broken component on my brand new couch

H Jul 13, 2018 Review updated:

Hello. I purchased a couch, love seat and chair on June 27th from your Auburn Hills store. The furniture was delivered promptly and according to schedule on June 28th. I was very pleased and provided positive feedback based on my service at that time. Shortly after we received the furniture we realized that 1 of the USB ports on the couch was not working. I submitted a service call and scheduled service for Monday June 9th. We had to take a day off from work in order to make this happen. Nobody showed up. I called on Tuesday to figure out what happened. I was told that the appointment was never scheduled. Accidents happen and so I asked for a new appointment. I was told that someone could come out on Thursday July 19th. That was an unacceptable amount of time. I asked for the next day since surely the mistake of not showing up on Monday should be rectified as quickly as possible. Service calls are not done on Wednesday so we scheduled an appointment for yesterday Thursday July 12th. Another day taken off from work. The technician showed up within his allotted time and basically said, "YES, your USB port is not working but I don't have the necessary parts to fix this". That's not a service call, that's confirming what I had already reported. I expressed my frustration and the technician said, the parts I need are in the warehouse. This is a very easy fix. But, the parts will be shipped to you and then YOU get to call again and request yet another service call. The part should be there in about 2-4 weeks. I expressed my dissatisfaction. Couldn't troubleshooting be done on the phone prior to sending someone out to my house? Couldn't the tech have parts in his truck to try and close and resolve this case on the first trip? Shouldn't there be a checklist when the furniture is delivered to make sure that the recliners work, that the USB ports work, that the couch is fit for function?

Yesterday (July 12th) after the technician left, I received a survey about my satisfaction. I gave a 2 on that survey based on my dissatisfaction and provided similar details to the ones in this note. I received a note back from Gardner White absolving themselves completely and saying sometimes people have to wait 3 weeks for service calls to be fulfilled. And that ordering incorrect parts is an inconvenience for Gardner White. And sometimes parts get lost in the Gardner White Warehouse so they have to be shipped to the home. That's just the way it goes. The couch is less than 3 weeks old. My confidence that any future issues are resolved is very close to ZERO.

I put in a further call last night and suggested that the necessary part (again the tech knows how to fix this issue) is sent to my home overnight delivery and I can schedule an appointment for Monday (a 3rd day off from work). Again, working from the assumption that Gardner White would want to get this resolved as quickly as possible which is clearly not the case. The service agent I spoke to said she would have to call the warehouse to confirm part availability and get approval for overnight delivery and that she would call me back. That call back never happened.

I don't see a resolution to this issue. I would like the couch to be picked up from my house and a full refund to my credit card. I don't want any further phone calls or back and forth or have to take additional days off from work. I simply don't want the aggravation. Who do I need to speak with to make these arrangements.

Thank you!


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      Jul 13, 2018

    Hello, I am very sorry that you had this experience, we are continually improving our processes and communications, thank you for your honest feedback. Your business and feedback is important to us and we will use this to improve. We will be exchanging your item on Monday July 16, 2018 if you have any further issue please contact us at [protected] thank you.

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