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Gardner White - Canton, MI / total b.s.!

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About 5 years ago now, I purchased an entire bedroom set at Gardner-White Furniture in Canton, Michigan. It is a nice looking pine bed with headboard and footboard. The mattress sits on 4-5 wooden slats that run across the frame all the way down the center. At the time of purchase, the salesperson didn't inform us that we would be voiding our warranty if the frame didn't have a center support. Actually, there was never any mention of a center support.

And why would it be sold without it, if required, any way? Our mattress now has two indentations where we sleep on each side. The center does not sag. Also, we are not large people, not that it should matter of course. So far, we have had two inspectors come out. We were denied both times due to lack of a center support. This really makes no sense to me since the bed doesn't sag in the center, but this is what they tell us.

I have spoken to the Simmons sales manager of this region. I came to find out that he believed we had one of those metal frames which do require the center support. After informing him that we had the wooden frame with the wooden slats running down the center, he still denied us our claim. At first I figured there was nothing I could about this, and almost let it go-- until I started shopping for new mattresses.

That is when I learned that the center support issue is for the metal frames which only support the edges of the mattress. Our frame supports the edges, as well as having the wooden slats running across to support the center. This is probably why our mattress doesn't sag in the center. And why didn't Gardner-White Furniture in Canton. MI inform us of this issue at the time of purchase? Which reminds me- Bill Bonds (famous local news anchorman)- if you happen to read this- please quit doing these stupid commercials for this company-Gardner-White Furniture in Canton. MI . They don't care about their customers either. You can't need the money that badly...

Any way, I am thinking of starting up my own website dedicated to the people whom have been denied a warranty claim based on some bogus excuses by Simmons. Some type of don't buy a Simmons site. Maybe if we can get enough people to boycott their products, they will change their minds about how they treat their customers. Any short clever names for this site will be appreciated. In addition I am going to look into starting a class-action lawsuit against Simmons, if I can find enough consumers whom have been wronged by this company.

I think I will start locally, calling up the local news stations here in metro-Detroit. They seem to like going after companies who don't honor their contracts. Well, I am starting to ramble on a bit now, but this really makes me angry. We need stronger laws in this country to protect the consumers. After all, we are the backbone of this great nation...


Just another sucker whom has been screwed over by Simmons and Gardner-White furniture in Canton, Michigan...

Dana B.

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  • Je
      10th of Jul, 2008
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    I TOO have been recently been screwed by a credit ard scam involving Gardner White and their 0% lender World Finacial Bank. When I bought the furniture sales people (I wouldn, t call them men) Joeseph Funk/ Michael Lamb talked me into a 0% no interest for 12 mos credit card BIG mistake. I never recieved anything from World Finacial Bank until two months and three weeks after the promotion was over and they are trying to charge me full interest @23.99% I have talked to several poeple including supervisors and managers form World Finacial Bank and they are so unorganized it is rediculous. One manager disconnected the phone on my wife two managers agreed to waive the charges and one even gave me a 35$ credit. But the problem still arises because the managers that claimed to waive the charges never did go fifure that out.
    I am currently organizing my information and filing appropiate legal actions. IF ANYONE HAS ADVICE ON HOW TO HANDLE THIS SITUATION I would appreciate any and all help.

    As a result I WILL never shop at Gardner White they have been no help at all as you know

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