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Had I read the dozens upon dozens of complaints across the Internet that exist concerning dealings with GameStop I would have been more careful in dealing with them. Instead of doing research first, I made the mistake of placing an order with them. Now I am in the same predicament that hundreds of others have found themselves in.

On Thanksgiving Day I ordered a PS4 Pro online from GameStop. Never have used this company before, I did so because of a special deal they were running. After completing the order, I saw a better deal on BestBuy's online site.

I tried to cancel the order from GameStop. Thing is, there is no way to cancel an order. From what I found out later, the company makes it absolutely impossible for customers to cancel and order once placed from them. There is no email link to write customer support anywhere on their site. There is a toll-free customer support line which I will talk more about in a moment. The only other way to contact tier-one support is via an app that one must download on their mobile device and then select FEEDBACK. GameStop makes it as difficult as possible to reach customer support.

I did send support a ticket via their app, and on Thanksgiving day I received a reply saying my order could not be stopped. Now, think about this. Nobody works the warehouse on Thanksgiving day. There is no way my order could have been packaged and processed --- especially since GameStop explicitly states that it takes one day for order processing.

So, let's talk about their toll-free number. I called four times during Thanksgiving day to reach someone. On each call, I was on hold for 70 minutes until I finally hung up each time.

Now, one could say that an expected surge in call volume would be expected during a holiday weekend. I would normally agree with that. However, if you take a moment to Google "cannot get through on GameStop phone support, " you will find a multitude of threads from various gaming forums where angry customers talk about this specific issue. It seems like, at any given time, GameStop will keep people on hold for well over 30 minutes -- no matter what time of year you call. There are customers who speak of having to keep their speakerphone running for well over 30 minutes while they continue doing their own business.

I finally get through to GameStop support the day after Thanksgiving. On this particular call, I was on hold for 75 minutes before an operator answered. The operator was rude. Even though my order was listed as still being "open, " the day after a holiday, the operator told me that my order was already packaged and being processed for delivery.

As I sit here and write this complaint, now 3 days later, my order is still listed as being "open." It has not been shipped. I have not been provided with a tracking number. This is a simple case of GameStop not wanting to stop the order and making the customer go through the process of returning the item.

If anyone thinks that my complaint is unfounded, I invite you to Google "GameStop complaints." You will be amazed just how many other customers experienced the same issue where within an hour of placing an order with the company, GameStop refused to cancel the order. In fact, complaints across the Internet cite rude and uncooperative customer support.

Some customers are even complaining that GameStop makes it impossible to return shipped orders as they put no return address on the package. That's something I cannot confirm as of yet, but will be watching for as I plan to refuse my shipment.

It just amazes me that this company is still in existence and has been allowed to treat customers in this manner.

I will be posting negative reviews on the Internet as well as updating them with any additional issues I experience with this company. I will also be filing a complaint with the Better Business Bureau.

Once my charge hits the credit card, I will be putting a stop to payment. I am not even going to allow the company to collect a dime off of me. They will get their package back one way or another, but I won't be paying for it.


Nov 26, 2017
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      Nov 26, 2017

    Interesting post.

    The problem is that Ronald admits placing the order and then supposedly wants to cancel because of a better deal elsewhere. I'd like to take the poster's side of the argument, but there really is too many issues within his logic.

    For example, the concept that one should be able to easily cancel an order because "no one works on Thanksgiving day." I can tell you that is absolutely not the case. If fact, Game Stop and many places like them have a full on warehouse to process orders. When the order goes in, the whole process begins with pickers and conveyor belts to ready and ship the order. In order to be competitively priced, the process needs to be that efficient.

    Secondly, the concept that it's rather easy to refuse the shipment and send the order back. Without the proper R.A. (return authorization) number, you could just as easily find the order winding up within a type of black hole. Just because the package gets sent back does not mean credit is automatically issued.

    Finally, reversing the charge when it appears on one's account is not that simple. If one reports fraud falsely, especially when a charge thereafter is for the same product at a different retailer, there's going to be a lot more problems than getting a little bit better deal on a game system.

    If Ronald was wise, he'd either just get an R.A. number from Game Stop and return it properly. Or simply accept the original order and enjoy the game system. Just because there's a better perceived deal from a different retailer doesn't mean the same system from a different retailer will be any less enjoyable. Frankly, all this effort and time should have enough value to Ronald so as to not fuss with the whole thing.

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