Gameterrible terrible service and lack of knowledge

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Myself and my partner went through to Game ... as she was told a few weeks prior by the staff there that she may not use her "Yebo Bucks" on any appliances apart from electrical appliance which when she conveyed to me I was shocked at this as I told her that t was her "Yebo Bucks" that she earned and she should be able to spend it on whatever she wants. Nevertheless eventually we decided that we need a new iron and returned to Game Fourways and approuched THE most unfriendly staff members I could ever remember seeing. We wanted to check before hand at the front desk what we could and couldn't purchase and confirm exactly how many "Yebo Bucks" were available before puchasing anything as Game has a reputation for being inefficient. We were now told by the supervisor that we could purchase anything and the previous time the staff did not know what they were talking about. Ok, so now we wanted to chech amount of "Yebo Bucks" whch we were told we cannot do at that computer but only at one of the tills... out of all the tills there was a staff member present at 2 of them, both of which were not operational or waiting for price checks, eventually after asking the till attendant to check it for us she said we cannot check it there. Ok, so we decided to assume that the sms recieved from "Vodacom Credit Card" was correct, it said "Yebo SMS: You have earned 12 Yebo Bucks on your Vodacom Credit Card transactions for this month. Your Yebo Bucks balance is 322. For queries call [protected]". After walking around for some time and noticing that 80% of the items are unmarked and prices are not displayed and the floors and shelves were dirty I felt as if I were in a dingy flee market in china town, I wanted to get out! Also the atmosphere was appaling, whilst we were there 2 fights broke out, 1 between 2 customers and 1 between a client and a staff member both because of Game operating insufficiently. When we got to the till the till attendant had NO clue what the Vodacom Credit Card was and what "Yebo Bucks" were. Ok, so now we waited for the supervisor who eventually arrived and after checking the card we were told we only had 222 "Yebo Bucks". Evenually we leave after 20 minutes of ringing up an iron, a 2009 diary & 2 plastic tupperware bowls, we walked out and vowed never to return. A colleague of mine contacted Hello Peter about Game in Southgate who were adamant that they were unable to activate his sim card purchased there for over a week. So it seems that it is not only Game in Fourways Mall that "just don't care". When I worked in the motor industry we had "mystery shoppers" which kept us on our toes, sufficient and friendly at all times... Do yourself a favour and send a mystery shopper to Game Fourways and you will be appalled and sick to your stomache, that is if managment at the top actually cares, as it is starting to look all over the country, Game doesn't seem to be their 1st priority or 10th for that matter. I will NEVER shop there again!!!

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  • Mt
      Dec 11, 2018
    Game Stores South Africa / - bad service
    Kempton Park
    South Africa

    On the 15th November 2018 the was debit of R313.46 from my bank account. on the 16t/11/2018 I went to Game store Festival mall Kempton park to ask about the debit . I find out that my card was used on the 27/10/2018 in Durban. The dispute documents were emailed twice no respond until today. No email or sms acknowledging the recipient my documents

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  • Mo
      Jan 01, 2019
    Game - Product and store service
    312 brooks street, Menlo park
    South Africa

    I bought a TV Hisense at Game menlyn now the TV is not working I'm told about hisense that needs to deal with this matter, I don't want hisense agents to come to me I want a new tv with a different brand and such info needs to be disclosed regarding technical problems and repairing before buying an item

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  • No
      Jan 06, 2019
    Game - Washing machine not delivered and midrand store is not answering the phone
    Boulders Mall
    South Africa

    Order 513G023172211218123033 please call [protected] Nomalungisa Klaas

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  • Th
      Jan 22, 2019
    Game Stores South Africa / - ITC update
    South Africa

    My ITC hasn't been updated for two months. Ive paid of my account and recieved paid up letter but on credit bureaus it shows that im still in arrears.

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  • Kh
      Jan 23, 2019
    Game Stores South Africa / - Faulty Food
    Century City Canal, Walk
    Cape Town
    South Africa

    Bad service, they had sold me an expired sausage and refused to refund me my full amount.

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  • Cs
      Feb 11, 2019
    Game Stores South Africa / - product
    South Africa

    Recently bought a set of stainless steel pots(7 piece) at game which were on promotion (R299) last year in december 2018. It hasn't even been two months and they are rusty already inside. I passed through the game store again today and saw the same set of pots! Please take them off the shelf. This is deceiving customers! Am disappointed.

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  • Te
      Mar 02, 2019
    Game Stores South Africa / - advert
    South Africa

    good day

    kindly review your black Friday advert that on TV 24 November 2016 yesterday was like early black Friday but 2016 we are on 2019

    kindly advice your black Friday start on march cause your dates are so confusing . what happen to your PR and marketing communication the could see the advert before they run it

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  • Pv
      Jun 04, 2019
    Game Stores South Africa / - I got a sexual explicit job offer

    I was offered a job and I was asked for CV and I was sent a sexual content and was demanded sexual exploitation. And a contract was made.

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  • Ma
      Jul 01, 2019
    Game Stores South Africa / - System is always down
    South Africa

    I've been to Game store in Tzaneen, Limpopo to activate my Game card. Been there now 6 times in 2 weeks and every time the staff says the system is still off. Whats are you going to do about it and when. This is unexceptionable as i wanted to buy my husband something for his birthday, now too late.

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  • Ez
      Jul 13, 2019
    Game Stores South Africa / - Blender
    South Africa

    I bought a blender on Thursday at Game East London Gilwel Mall and I used it on Friday and it burnt, I returned it and they gave me a New one and on the New is also burning the is a smell when I'm using it, what should I do because I need the blender

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  • Tn
      Jul 24, 2019
    Game Stores South Africa / - Built in wardrobe
    South Africa


    Last year December I bought builtin wardrobe at Game Pinetown but it's been only 7 months already the door hinches are coming out of the doors and the doors are hanging now I'm so disappointed what even worse I no longer have the till slip. In this case what am I suppose to do please assist

    TP Ntaka

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  • Be
      Aug 21, 2019
    Game Stores South Africa / - WD 1 TB external drive
    Parow and N1 City Goodwood
    South Africa

    Good day

    why advertise the product for R799 and no store has got its stock yet.?

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  • No
      Sep 02, 2019
    Game Stores South Africa / - Eggs
    Game Westgate
    South Africa

    on the 24/08/2019 I went to game Westgate shopping Centre to buy 30 eggs when I get home three on those eggs are rotten, I call the store manager he told me to bring back those eggs, I am really not happy about this how can game sell rotten eggs to the customers.

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  • Iz
      Sep 08, 2019
    Game Stores South Africa / - Cashier
    South Africa

    Service provided was nul and had to be called from the car and treat like criminals for the incompetence of the cashier who didn't ring up all the charcoal which was on special. We can not be treated like this please address this issue.

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