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Game Stores South Africa / - Voucher not received/Poor customer service

i purchased Samsung washing Machine that was on promotion that you receive a voucher amount of R 3000.00 from Game Store at Westgate mall on 27.11.2021, to date i have not received the Voucher. we were provided with what's up number [protected] and [protected] to send proof of purchase and the washing machine serial number as well as the copy of my identity document which i did and also went to the store whereby i was assisted by Mpho to upload the documents. following this process we then went to the store for more than 8 times for the voucher and the Samsung sales lady at Game Store in Westgate Mall called their office and i was advised that i will receive the voucher pin to be used via the sms that was last week Tuesday and to date i have not received it. On Saturday, 15.01.2021 i again went to Game Store to complaint but nothing was done about it and was told to leave and that Mpho (Samsung sales lady) will contact me and it never happen.

Game Store at Westgate mall does not care about customers and TCF principle does not apply to their store.

Please assist.

Kind regards,
Sylvia Mokopanele

Desired outcome: i need R3000.00 voucher pin to be honored or they should take back the washing Machine and refund me


Game Stores South Africa / - Samsung sound bar

Good day

I write this letter with so much disappointment and frustration at the same time. Last year in February l bought a Samsung sound bar and in November of the same year the subwoofer stopped working, l then went to the store in december to have the unit fixed as its under warranty, l was however turned back as suppliers were already closed so l was told (SPENT MY FESTIVE SEASON WITHOUT MUSIC). in January of this year l went back and dropped the sound system. this afternoon l received a call from the suppliers/fixing department to tell me that my subwoofer was struck by lighting and its not covered under warranty. How does 1 get to such a conclusion that my subwoofer out of all electrical appliances l have was struck by lighting and that this is not covered by Samsung. One would go an extra mile to buy a reputable brand in a reputable store with hopes that their money would not be swindled and the unit gives in within a year after being purchased. please give me a resolution from your side as l will not take this lightly as a paying customer. l will need my SAMSUNG SUBWOOFER REPAIRED AND I WILL NOT PAY FOR IT. if samsung can be tagged on this please do, very disappointed to say the least. l hope my complaint will be taken seriously. l have all receipts and relevant information if needed to shar

Desired outcome: my unit to be fixed.

Jan 12, 2022

Game Stores South Africa / - No delivery, no refund, horrific customer support

On 12th December, I ordered a speaker from Game for son's Christmas present. They confirmed that it would be delivered in 7 days. On about the 15th I started getting worried as I still hadn't...

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Game Stores South Africa / - Hisense 9 kg washing machine

I am so frustrated with the Game store in Somerset and Hisense in general. To begin I was a cash paying customer purchasing a washing machine of R7000. When you purchase a product that is worth thi...

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Game Stores South Africa / - Service

Game online shopping ********** Oder From November This people the are bunch of useless cabbages I have being calling them regarding my oder up until today all I am getting is excuses and this people...

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Game Stores South Africa / - Online purchase

Good day
order placed: 29 November 2021
order no. [protected]
i was informed my order was dispatched on the 1 Dec 2021, but till date 11 January 2022, Order was not delivered.
I have requested for refund, spoke to Rebecca at websupport on 9 dec 2021 and was told my money will be reversed, still not received. Called Game support 11 January 2022, spoke to Churu, who was not able to get through to the Game Westwood to follow up on my refund. So once again, FRUSTRATED CLIENT


Game Stores South Africa / - Whirlpool washer dryer not functioning

Goodday I have contacted the online customer help line Since purchasing the Whirlpool Washer/dryer from Game Newcastle, it does not function properly. PURCHASED: 30Th December 2021. MAKE...

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Game Stores South Africa / - I bought bennett reads iron @ game store vaal

Hi Peter I bought Bennett Reads Iron on the 04/09/2021 at Game Store Vaal and I never enjoy using it. This Iron it trip the main switch at home from the first time I used it. I returned the iron 1st...

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Game Stores South Africa / - Service

Agnes Maredi is a rude consultant and she doesn't even respect customers time. She's in the store forgetting she is at work and has no will to assist. If she doesn't wanna work with people she should stay home and allow people whom need the job and will respect people and the importance of people's times have the job. Please ensure that something is done to keep your client base happy

Desired outcome: Training and disciplinary action

Game Stores South Africa / - Non Delivery of purchased item.

Good Day
I purchased a set of bicycle training wheels online on the 15th December 2021. The was a highlighted message that stated that if items were purchased by the 15th it would be delivered on time. I called your call center numerous times to confirm the delivery, and I assured that the item had been dispatched and I would receive a call from the courier company. I called the call center on the 24th December and requested a refund and again on the 28th December 2021, nothing happened.
Purchase date: 15/12/2021
Order Number : [protected]

It would be highly appreciated if this matter is resolved urgently.
NB: I do have audio recordings of calls made to your call center.

Desired outcome: Full Refund


Game Stores South Africa / - Staff

Good day.
I recently visited the Worcester Game brance. I've asked one of the staff members which was in the ile what is the price on the marked down item(as there was no price) Her reply was, go asked at the till.As all staff members was grabbing the marked down item.At the till I asked the lady infront of me for the price, and the same staff member came from the back with the same response. She refused to show her name badge and walked of.

Desired outcome: Staff to have better manners.And the branch to come up to the standard when it opened its first time


Game Stores South Africa / - Game stores service

Don't buy from Game Stores. I hate going to Game Stores because there service is appalling, no matter which store you go to. I then decided to shop online, and it seems that is even worse. I made an online purchase of 2 items and upon delivery I only received one of them. I then sent emails to customer care and received no response to date. In this time I contacted customer service 3 times and, as helpful as the agents were, they could not advise as to why my order has not been delivered as more than 1 store had stock of the item. Today I call back and I am advised that none of the stores have stock. Note that this item is still being advertised on their website and on social media! This is false advertising. I have sent quite a few emails and I received 1 generic email stating that there is no stock of the item I purchased. I also found out today that the systems have not been updated since Black Friday and that's why the system shows that they have stock. Black Friday was over a month ago. @massmart is this the type of service you offer?

Game Stores South Africa / - Bad terrible service

Dear Sir / Madam, I am writing to you to raise an issue about: In-store shopping The issue that I have experienced was: on 17/12/2021 14:00 the afternoon I visited your Game store Mokopane. 2. I...

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Game Stores South Africa / - Undelivered items

I placed an Online Order at on the 30 November 2021. This was Christmas gifts. I kept track of the order on the game stores website. On the 14 December I receive an email that...

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Dec 13, 2021

Game Stores South Africa / - Delivery promise not kept

i boght as cell phone as Gift, using online game website BLACK FRIDAY.
i planned that i will have this Gift for the recepient in time even if they are delayed i will still be okay (5-10 day delivery promise ).
today as of 13DEC21 still havnt received this item. (from26 NOV)
to 13 december it is 17 day and ... according to support desk
I will only get on 20 Dec 2021. and as per support desk they ran out of stock!
I would understand and keep quiet, But to my surprise they are advertising the very same PRODUCT with new price.
Question is they dont have stock, cant supply previous orders
and still running a PROMO of same item WHY

Game Stores South Africa / - Electric kettle

I bought a kettle 3 months ago the item no longer work I returned it and was told they don't have stock and the discount that was offered on the item I will now have to pay back if I want a replacement of the item called the manager Douglas Simon and was told the same he can not replace the item with a different item and they can't do a repairs as the suppliers is closed no customer service no help no solution to the issue game you are up there with the worse

Desired outcome: I want a replacement kettle of the same make

Game Stores South Africa / - Pricing problem

Hi so I am very upset about the service I just received at Game Vryburg - I bought a Spin Mop which was R549. 99 on the rack (which according to the Consumer law that is the price I should have payed) but at the till it was R699. 99 and when I consulted the person in charge they were very rude telling me that it was on special till tuesday, today is FRIDAY why didn't they then change the price back? And that was also the price on the rack BEFORE the Nov special so I was supposed to pay the R549. 99 but they denied me to even try and consult with someone higher or even go look on the rack.

Desired outcome: Refund of the amount owed


Game Stores South Africa / - Return on television

I purchased a TV online but after 2 days it didn't switch on, I sent an email and called customer care to let them know. They said send an email with pictures and within 48 hours someone will collect the TV but they didn't. Till now haven't received any response through email or any calls. I've spent 3 hours on the phone on 4 separate occasions to get this sorted but everytime they give a different story. When I called the second time the lady said 48 hours again. Still nothing. I phoned again, now a week later for them to tell me to wait another 48 hours for someone to get in touch with me. What incompetence.

Desired outcome: New TV and reimburse time wasted with no TV and airtime wasted

Game Stores South Africa / - Tablet Connex

I bought a Connex tablet online in May 2021. It completely shut down in September 2021, I went to the Parow store where the device was checked and confirmed it's not working. However they did not have a Connex available at the store and advised me to email their online complaints to collect it from me. It's the 29th of November 2021, I'm still waiting for any feedback or collection from Game Online, and this after numerous emails. They respond to the emails but never with a solution.

Desired outcome: Please just credit my account and take your broken tablet back.


Game Stores South Africa / - Poor service delivery

25/11/2021 I am utterly disgusted at the service rendered by Game Kenilworth, Cape Town, South Africa. My wife (3 months pregnant), entered the store today, with our 4 year old Autistic son, to do...

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