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I had netspend, i also was getting my payroll checks deposited into this account. I was robbed $750.00 from the account. I had the service where the company send a message to your cell phone. Too bad for me I did not catch the fraudulent charges until my shift was over. I worked 16 hours this day. This company called GALAXIA COMMUNICATIONS CHARGED MY debit CARD $50.00 every 30 minutes starting at the hour of 11.30 am. There were 15 $50.00 purchases from this company.

When I called to report the fraudulent charges. I spoke to a script reader named Josh. No help what so ever. Very impatient, and without the proper knowledge of a company he works for. I had to go online myself to see what procedure I had to file. I was very disappointed that a company could allow those many charges without even putting an alert on or a hold on the card. I am not surprised. It has been my experience that if one is not banking at a reputable company be it mortgage, prime rates, the less than perfect creditor is always taken advantage of. I work so hard for my money. I did not expect my hard earned money to be debited from my account in a matter of 6hours. I was so vexed. I explained to the customer service rep, to look at my spending history. I do not spend $750.00 in one day at the same place in a matter of 6 hours. I will file a police report. I hope I will be able to get my money back. If not, what else is new. Look at how this system handles the lesser class. Look at New Orleans.

I will not use this company anymore. I will open up my account with National city. I owe them $361 I will be visiting them on my next payday.

I hope this never happens to no one ever!

To the person that made the heartless comment about people having less than perfect credit being stupid ###. I only can say to you keep living. You don't never know where your life will lead you. Your opinions are too strong and very inhumane. I am a caregiver and I have to take care of people just like you everyday.
My opinion of others never get in the way of me doing my job. In conclusion, please take care of yourself. What you put out will come back, some day so be careful and repentance is golden.

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      Sep 07, 2009

    update, Netspend refunded my money on my debitcard August 29, 2009.

    did give me 700 dollars back. I had show proof of all faxes I send. I kept a journal of names, and supervisors I spoke to and the dates. I did not speak to any customer service reps. I went strait to the supervisors and spoke with them. I wrote down every statement that was said to me. I quoted them to the tee. I kept my cool, when I called, although I was upset and angry. I called the dispute department every day until I got results. I gave them every paper the company requested and communicated via email, fax, phone, I got my money!

    I am working on getting the 50 bucks, but at least I got the 700.

    To any one wanting results, keep a journal of names and dates and times you call. Write down everything, because, if you want results you must also be organized and keep account on everything. Its their business to keep a journal on us. We must keep a journal on them as well. Tw0 can play that game. But we must all stick together and quit being stepped on by the corporate jerks!


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