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This site really sucks. If any bouncer has any grudge about you.. he just bans you from the site with NO explanation. Customer service is useless. Wny money you have spent on the site to earn your levels is wasted because they wont let you sign on any longer!

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  • Ma
      Mar 12, 2014

    all of the people complaining have had accounts deleted because they do not follow the terms of service. If you read the rules and you abide by them, then there would be no issues. Bling is not guaranteed as stated, it is for fun, entertainment purposes. Having multiple accounts is not allowed and reason for deletion. Whey does a person need multiple accounts, there isn't a reason unless they are trying to cheat the system. If it is just a "website" like these butt-hurt people claim then why are they harping on it so much?

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  • Ds
      Mar 13, 2014

    he cant even get his facts straight no bouncer has the ability to delete (ban from the site) your account only admin can do that and they will not do so without proof that you have broken tos so if your going to complain at least put the full story out there

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  •   Mar 14, 2014

    Ohhhh so it's in the TOS that you can't buy bling as a newb?? That's funny, we didn't catch that one.

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  • Ds
      Mar 15, 2014

    lmao who mentioned buying bling? Anyone that wants to buy bling is allowed to so long as they pay for it, all we have said is stay within the tos and no one will be deleted, one of the main reasons for being deleted is that you did "buy" bling but forget to make sure the cc would cover it or cancel the cc payment before it went through and as stated no bouncer can delete your account even if they wanted to, only admin can and will not do so without proof that tos have been broken

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  • Ti
      May 04, 2014

    dsmith is a troll that kisses scrappers butt then turns around and makes personal tjhreats...he is also the reason eric left j/s he goes by tannis on fubar

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  • Cs
      Jun 25, 2018

    @tickde lmao I know dsmith personally he isnt tannis and he doesnt make threats

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