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POS site Ryan (scrapper) Likes to bully people and threaten them with random bs threats. I for instance filled out the CCA that was required and even had my husband fax him the same form. Yet they still stole 50 dollars from a friend of mine who had gifted me a Happy Hour! The site is a joke and honestly if scrapper was not around to be the $#*! he is with a napoleon complex it would be much better.

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  • St
      Nov 22, 2011

    If you want help email [protected] with your problem. if it is a transaction issue, please provide a receipt.

    Posting your rants here will not get your problem solved and it is a lot of wasted energy on your part..

    As far as Scrapper being a bully.. I really don't think so. If you had to deal with as many whiners as he does during a day you would be a little cranky too at times.

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  • Ni
      Nov 22, 2011

    If your friend sent a screen shot of the transaction (or proof it was made via paypal or bank statement) fubar would have gone through and issued a credit or a happy hour.
    But that requires having proof. And you didn't, did you?

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  •   Nov 22, 2011

    Scrapper is a honey. He's always sweet to me.

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  • Ry
      Nov 22, 2011

    Storm Runner is in fact mr Ryan himself and Ninja is closely related to another of the crooks who run the site.
    Try out fubar if you like, but NEVER give them your credit card info!

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  •   Apr 10, 2012

    The UnCool Creep Scrapper//Ryan (The Sleazy Operations Manager Of Lives Up To His Severely Bad Reputation Again and Again and Again and Again!!

    Anyone considering signing-up for that site--: Beware of that So True Proverbial Saying--: Where There Is Smoke There Is
    Fire and Where There Is Fire--: There Is The UnCool Creep--: Scrapper//Ryan...!!

    I was naive just enough to give the site the benefit of the doubt after having read these severely negative reviews (just before
    signing-up late last year).

    But, I learned My lesson to pay MUCH
    more *attention* to the complaints!!...--:

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  •   Mar 14, 2014

    Ohhh so storm runner is crappy?? no wonder i saw them doing damage control on another complaint just yesterday. It's only been a couple of days ago that they screwed us over.
    P.S. Females if they're good looking don't have to pay to level, there are plenty of stupid guys on there more than willing to spend their own money...Idiots.

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  • Ji
      Aug 20, 2014

    There are a group of people who I call "The hole in the wall gang" who congregate at the mumms for the sole purpose to humiliate
    other members of fubar just to get their kicks and they are protected by Scrapper because they are family members of a Bouncer named Jen...who happens to be a family member of Scrapper..
    I stood up to these Bullies and promptly got banned by Scrapper...his Bouncer friend Jen violated rule #7 which states that
    Bouncers are not allowed to get into member disputes.but she gets involved because this obnoxious group are family members.
    Even her fu hubby Dr. Black messaged me and told me that this group is" very successful at what they do"
    The reason they are successful at pissing off members is because Scrapper allows them to do it..

    People join a social site to interact with other people not to get insulted and picked on by an outlaw group.
    I have had many members message me and tell me that they are terrified to post or comment on a mumm because of these
    insensitive and cruel people who just feed off of one another like Piranha..
    But despite being a liability to this site Scrapper doesn't mind because they are Jen's friends.

    He would rather lose good members who spend money on this site than to lose them.
    All because of Jen.

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