FTD Substitution Policy / poor service

United States

This week I ordered flowers for my wife from the FTD website for
Valentines day. When they were delivered they were not the red roses I
had ordered. Instead, they were peach roses. I contacted FTD to
complain and they pointed me to their Substitution policy which
indicates they reserve the right to substitute flowers and containers of
equal or greater value if they would otherwise have a problem delivering
them on time. They do not contact the customer to alert them when a
substitution will take place to allow them to reschedule delivery or
order a different product.

I was not aware of the substitution policy at the time I ordered, and
when I was directed to the policy it was behind a link on the product
page that I had to scroll down to see in my browser.

Admittedly, I messed up when ordering and did not realize that I had
requested same day delivery (I had ordered the flowers one week before
Valentine's day). Regardless, it would have been nice if they had
contacted me beforehand to alert me to the substitution.

I hope this information helps others to not make the same mistake I made.


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