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We ordered a "pastel palette bouquet' for mom's 84th birthday. she received, "sweet delight", red and purple valentine's bouquet. InBloom the local florist had only red. There "like" bouquet or substituion was $10 less. For an order of $104, I am so perturbed she did not receive at least pastel roses. Ftd substituion clause should have a note saying, xmas, valentine and easter may see only red or lily white . Or that special holiday are barred from anything resembling your order!


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      Apr 13, 2010

    This is an advice to all potential FTD customers as well as potential member florists. DO NOT go for FTD. I repeat, DO NOT go for FTD unless you want to get cheated. For potential customers, be aware of this, FTD covers itself with clause to allow it to substitute flowers. With this simple clause alone, they are able to freely and legitimately give you rubbish & you are usually not in the position to know what & how much is being delivered at the other end. This essentially gives FTD a free hand to deliver to deliver whatever they want. Then, remember this; From what you pay, 30% is taken off for commissions etc by agent florists. Also, another amount is deducted for delivery for delivery charges. What’s left for the flowers can be anywhere between 40 – 60% of what you had paid. I know this because I was an ex-FTD member florist.
    For potential member florists, avoid FTD like the leprosy. They cheat you from right under your nose and every month! How do they do it? They make their monthly statements so super complicated that it becomes incomprehensible so that you can sneak in intentional “errors” all sorts of unfounded fees repeatedly every month without getting detected and get away most of the time. Frequently when you find out that you have been had and you try to get your money back, they tell you that the window period for dispute is over or that your records have been expunged from their data base and so can no longer address the problems. Even if you catch them very early, they will give you ridiculous and unreasonable answers. No matter how many people you talk to (assuming that you have the time and patience to wait through their ear benumbing phone system), you will not get your money back. If you try to get to speak to Senior staff, the chances of them returning your calls are lower than you winning the lottery jackpot. After being and FTD member florist for 6 years, I was cheated of total exceeding $10, 000. Now I can breathe a sigh of relief after cancelling membership with them. For 6 years, I was under constant anxiety and frustration when dealing with FTD. For any florist looking to subscribe to a flower wire service company, I recommend that you try and . These people are so much cheaper, easier to deal with, use very simple billing, etc. For those who insist on joining FTD, I wish them good luck. Should any reader be interested to find out more about FTD’s scamming tactics, I can be reached at [protected]. I’ll be more than happy to fill you in.

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      Mar 26, 2011

    your best bet is to order directly from a local florist, they will let you know what is available at thier shop to accomidate your order.FTD or teleflora or 1800 flowers and the like have not a clue what is available in the local shops area .

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