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Customer Loyalty at Fry’s Electronics

Here is a story of what can happen to even loyal and dedicated Fry’s Customers much less unfortunate new ones. Read and Head.

Randy Fry
Fry’s Electronics
600 E. Brokaw Road
San Jose, CA 95112
Tuesday, July 31, 2012
Dear Randy:
My wife and I have been loyal and dedicated Customers of Fry’s Electronics for twenty-seven years. We first found Fry’s when you were just off Lawrence Expressway adjacent to McDonalds. I would first stand in line to get in the store which at the time was small and crowded. Because of the incredible electronics products and highly knowledge staff, I would gladly wait. During my many visits, I event met Peter Norton, got his autograph and a short conversation.
We have purchased many computers (including this one which I am writing on), mother boards, components, consumer electronics, and much more throughout the years, which you should see if you look up our order history. It has been our first choice for consumer products for over 27 years now.
On April 11, 2012, we received a notice from the Santa Clara District Attorney that Fry’s Electronics and was prosecuting my wife for a bad check from December. At this point, my wife and are senior citizens and occasionally make mistakes. As it turned out, the check was written on an old account by error on December 17, 2011.
With no notice from Fry’s, we were completely blindsided by the letter from the DA’s office. Having never written a Bad Check in her sixty-one years on the planet, my wife panicked. Both of us became very upset and concerned over the charges Fry’s had brought against her. We quickly made a trip to the Campbell Store where the check had been written. Unfortunately, your staff indicated they could not contact us because they could not find a phone number on the check. Now that we have a copy of the check, we can see our current address is on the check. Apparently, your staff has forgotten how to send a letter to an address. Perhaps, more customer service training is in order. Also, if phone number is your only method, perhaps training them to require it when checks are accepted.
We called Fry’s multiple times and your staff took our phone number, and never called back. The supervisor was always out. Meanwhile, my bank told me the check did clear and even sent us a copy. After several months of back and forth with them, they finally figured out that the check was out of an old book and therefore did bounce. It was an honest mistake that could have been corrected if made known at any time prior.
The thing is we had plenty of money in the bank and a long history with Fry’s. Somehow, you have lost the common courtesy of notifying your customers when something has gone wrong. We have now paid restitution of $773.84, a bounced check fee of $10, and an administration fee of $50 to Fry’s. In addition, $170.00 for a Bad Check Class as well as four and a half hours of her Saturday with people who really do write bad checks.
According to the DA, “The DA’s Bad Check Restitution Program is only for reports of bad check activity from those businesses or parties that have notified you in according to CA state law and provided you with an opportunity to make good on the check.”
I am not alone. Googling Fry’s Reviews and Complaints revels a litany of Customers who have had similar experiences to ours. TRUST is an integral part of your existence when it comes to consumer sales. As a long time customer, I can no longer TRUST Fry’s. I am giving you one last opportunity to read this letter and make things right before I start to tell my story to as many others as I can find.
Semper Fi,
Joe O’Hickey

We did get a response form Fry’s through a phone call from Michelle in Collections. Her attitude, in keeping with Fry’s customer service tradition, was that it was too bad for us that we weren’t notified. She knew where we lived, but stated that there was no need to send a letter since they had done all they had to. The fact that we were a valued customer of Fry’s meant nothing to her.
This is more than enough for us. We have now divorced ourselves from Fry’s and have sought refuge at Best Buy where we can participate in a Rewards Program that doesn’t require you to bend over.

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