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I brought in my 2 year old Fujitsu Laptop for repair. I was told they determined that I needed a motherboard and it had to go back to the factory. They told me it would be 6-8 weeks to repair. Ok, I thought I'll deal with it. BTW- the harddrive already crashed once on this unit and needed repair but I digress. It has been now over 10 weeks and all I get out of tech support has been that its at our factory or its at their factory. It's always a song and dance with no answers. Getting to corporate has been a joke, I finally called the store mgr today. He is not in and they dont know when he'll be in...???????????? So I am awaiting a call today.

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  • Be
      Sep 07, 2009

    Scam to get people to sign up for Fry's credit card. When working there I saw many things that were mind blowing. One of the things that bothered me was the presure to get customers to sign up on the store credit card. These are just some of the things we did to get the customer to sign up. Guarantee a job appliacant an interview if he or she signs up, giving free food if customer signs up, running a contest with no real prize, threatining to fire employees if they did not get 5 people to sign up and giving free delivery to customers on items that already come with free delivery. From talking with other associates from other stores, roseville is the only store like this. Beware of this when you go shopping at Fry's.

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  • To
      Sep 09, 2009

    I myself and one of my friend bought merchandise from Fry's Electronics in the San Francisco Bay area. We both bought walkie-talkies based on an advertised rebate from Columbia Telecommunications Group and till date neither of us has received rebates for the same.

    Once the 14 weeks for processing had passed, I called them regularly. For a while, they were answering their phones and I was told each time they were backlogged with rebates and that the rebate program had far exceeded their expectations. But that my rebate was in their database and scheduled to be sent "this week." They even went so far as to give me reference numbers on both my rebate and my friends. Now I got response from the rebate center. I get a message saying the voice mailbox is full. Today when I called their corporate headquarters and asked for the person at the company responsible for rebate programs and was told by them that the only responsible people are at the rebate fulfillment center to whom should I need to contact in order to get my rebate. When I pressed for a person within the company, I was promptly hung-up on and it wasn't an accidentally hang-up and I got a reply from them after sometime that "There is nobody here that can help you, good bye."

    The very next day I have filed a Mail Fraud form with the United States Postal Service. They base investigations on the number of complaints. It might be too late for us, but if enough people fill out the form, maybe we can stop them from continuing to rip people off via the rebate scam.

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  • Sr
      Sep 17, 2009

    When they had me sign up, they failed to mention that you can't pay the credit card bill at the store although it has Fry's name on it. The credit card company also has misc. other charges that were not given to me until after I had received the card; charges like a fee to pay the balance over the phone - $6 if I recall correctly. Late on a payment? $29 late fee. Way to high in my opinion. Especially since my balance was less than $190. I paid my balance and closed the account. I recommend to everyone NOT to get the so called FRY'S CREDIT CARD which is actually a FIRST ELECTRONIC BANK credit card.

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  • Fr
      Sep 27, 2009

    Purchased a 120g Zune for my son's birthday on 9/01/09. Paid right at $270 and departed store. Please note I wasn't allowed to handle the Zune until after purchase. The following week the Zune didn't work. Wife & son returned the Zune and the return clerk said the serial number on the box and the serial number on the Zune were different. No exchange and no refund. A comment was made we'll just have to "eat it." Manager implied my wife was trying to pull a fast one. When asked why there were several stickers on the box pasted over one another, my wife received no answer. Clearly, Fry's repackaged a refurbished Zune and sold it as new. Still haven't received a call back from the district manager on this subject. I only wish I had read the hundreds of other customer complaints concerning Fry's. If I had, I wouldn't get anywhere near the place. Actually, it's quite amazing that any establishment with absolutely no ethics and this abusive to customers would still be in business. Please accept this advice in the spirit it's given, do not shop at Fry's unless you're will to either lose your money or be willing to face endless hassle. Simply put, you must appreciate the type of people you're dealing with.

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  • Ha
      Feb 27, 2010

    I ran into something very similar

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  • Ma
      May 27, 2010

    even though I didn't buy those two-way radios like you, I remember how I got the run-around years ago when I bought an internal DVD burner at Fry's and had to wait literally months to get my mail-in rebate check in return.
    The company referred me to a fulfillment center which then told me that the stated 4 - 6 weeks in the fine print are referring once they have received and verified with vendor, in this case Fry's about the discount. So in all, yes I assumed that 1 month later I would get my discount but ended up being 4 months.
    Since then I stay away from offers like this and see if any other products with cheaper price have good reviews as well.

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  • Le
      Oct 05, 2011

    Scam pretty much sums up Fry's.

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