Fry's123 Prepaid Debit Card

My wife had the prepaid debit card the Fry's 123 Rewards Card. She had for four years. It was NOTHING BUT A HASSLE!!! In the beginning she wasn't getting her grocery coupons for the points she had accumulated. She could only load $1, 000 at a time. In the last few months it wouldn't giver a point balance. For over a year she couldn't access the point balance website as it would not give her any detailed information. She called numerous times on this problem and NOTHING was done nor accomplished it fell on deaf ears!!! The customer service reps are in Alabama and are horrendous to deal with. The were EXTREMELY rude, inefficient, unprofessional and other nouns I cannot say as they would be inappropriate to put down. It was not only the reps but the supervisors as well. It has been very discouraging, frustrating and I am begging you to NOT get the prepaid card it will only be aggravation.See the Top 10 Worst Companies in Tempe, AZ On December 23rd of 2015 she called about unrecognizable charge and inquired on the protocol to dispute the charge; the inept agent told her that they have to shutdown her card, I quote her she told them "NO!!THAT CAN'T HAPPEN!!!DON'T DO IT!!!" She went to the store put funds on her card which they gladly did and than went and got her items went to pay for them and she couldn't. She called customer service and they told her that her card had been shut down. She was told in the Terms and Conditions they can shutdown her card at ANY TIME!!! She called customer service back and begged them to release the card to no avail they DID NOTHING but were robots "I am sorry" "Sorry for the inconvenience"!!! At one point in the four years of her having this card she dealt with a Nancy Fields and Greg Thompson a Fry's Personal Finance and they are diabolical don't return calls...blah blah blah... So my wife spoke to Greg Thompson and explained everything at which point she was hysterical. She called every 15 minutes and he COMPLETELY blew her off and never called back!!! The lack of empathy, the callousness and unprofessional manner sent my wife over the edge and drove her to suicide. I BEG OF YOU DO NOT GET A REWARDS CARD WITH FRY'S!!!

Dec 24, 2015

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