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Frontier Airlines / shocking experience

1 United States

On November 13th, while on a return flight from Cancun to Philadelphia, and traveling with 56 elderly passengers, among a total of 225 passengers, that included passengers with children, the flight was first reported to be delayed 2 hours. After an hour waiting, all passengers were informed that the flight was delayed for an additional 2 hours, then again after another hour, we were informed that the plane had arrived, however due to an unexpected mishap that has supposedly occurred to an arriving passenger, the flight was going to be delayed again. At this point our gate was changed and we had to go to the lower level where the new gate was assigned. After waiting for an hour and a half, and not getting any updates from the frontier employees, a female Frontier gate attendant announced " Flight 101 has now been cancelled, your are on your own." That specific announcement was mentally difficult to digest. it was after waiting to board for more than 5 hours, a shocking way to be told That was the only information given. After 45 minutes of total confusion about what do next and not getting any help or answers from the frontier employees. All passengers had to negotiate their own lodging plans. The 56 elderly passengers, I was traveling with, were attached to apple vacations. After our tour representative frantically made contact with apple and frontier we were given overnight lodging accommodations; that is after we had to go back through customs to retrieve our bags which took over an hour and then spend 2 hours in a line trying, to find the right bus to take us to the hotel.
I am sure that most of the passengers understood that the possibility of flight is always on the horizon, delays occur and that flights, sometimes have to be cancelled for one reason or another and you have to live with it. However that is not my complaint. My complaint is the matter in which the female frontier gate attendant choose to relay such an insensitive, unprofessional, condescending, and downright slap in the face announcement. It was a nightmare of a day and night. Oh by the way, after returning back the next morning to the Cancun airport and having to go through the entire check in process and getting new boarding passes, we arrived at the gate 2 hours before our scheduled flight.After waiting an hour, we all were told that the original flight was cancelled and we were going to board another flight; however we all needed to get yet another boarding pass for that flight. The entire experience sounds like it would make for a National Lampoon Griswold scene, but the reality is that it was truly a nightmare for all of the passengers. Frontier airlines should investigate this incident, learn that this actually happened fire that employee, and provide all of the passengers at least a monetary compensation to all of the passengers, who experienced this nightmare.

Nov 29, 2018

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