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Frontier provided poor service, incorrect information and unprofessional conduct. I traveled from SFO to Denver to connect with my flight to Indianapolis. The SFO flight was delayed because of snow in Colorado, which happens. I completely understand however the SFO representative said that I would not miss my connecting flight because all flights were delayed out of Denver. I reached Denver 4 hours last and had missed the Indianapolis connection. I went to the gate printed on my ticket and the representative there would not help me even although I witnessed her assisting others in the same circumstances. She sent me to the customer service counter for Frontier. I was #32 in line. I waited 45 minutes in line patiently. I found another flight on Southwest that was departing via Southwest to Indianapolis at 4:50pm. The representatative told me there were not flights available at 4:50pm. I asked out the Southwest flight and she rebooked me on the 7:00pm flight and just handed me a ticket. This flight got me into Indianapolis at 12:30am. I explained this was not an option because I my party was going to pick me up was going to be in bed by then.

She explained that Frontier did not honor Southwest tickets and that they did not honor Frontier's tickets. It is disappointing to me that there were empty seats on an airplane going to my final destination and Frontier would not work even after they told me that my connecting flight would not be missed. All they could offer was the explanation that their representative in SFO "should not have told me that". They took no responsibility or accountability for the actions of a representative from their company. The lady told me that I could stay the night in the airport in Denver and fly out tomorrow if that better suited my schedule. She said she could not provide hotel accommodations.

I asked if she could assist me in finding out the cost and availability of buying a seat on the Southwest flight and she said if I wanted a ticket on Southwest, "I could go buy it myself".

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      Jul 23, 2010

    Wow, what a joke of a bank. Barclays Bank's customer service department is by far THE worst I have encountered. I am surprised Frontier Airlines has not moved on to a different bank to administer the frequent flier credit card offer. The customer service at the bank is the worst I have ever experienced.

    If I did not love Frontier Airlines and want the mileage credit I would have dumped Barclays Bank long ago.

    Seriously, I do not understand how a company (Barcays) can stay in business with the poor customer service, lack of follow through, incompetent employees, not well-trained employees on their own products (e. g. stating they don't offer a "Pay Pass" credit card through Frontier Airlines, when they do!!!), weak supervisors, not calling back within 24 hours as they state a manager will do and managers not even aware of what the problem is.

    This goes back to mid-May when I was sent a new credit card because I was "upgraded" to a better card. Two months later and nearly 30 phone calls and I don't have resolution and continue to get incompetent customer service employees who give me incorrect information and do not seem to care to fix the situation. Stay clear of getting one of these cards if you can help it. (I read the negative post by a person who "was roped" into one there at the Denver Airport.)

    I am so disappointed in this product, Barclays Bank, any Barclays cards, especially the Frontier Airlines Barclays MasterCard, the incompetent call center they use in Manila, the uniformed bank customer service personnel in the U.S. who do not follow through and seem uninterested in helping, Frontier Airlines.

    There are other better choices out there. Be aware - Mike

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