SUBMIT A COMPLAINT / never got my flowers

United States

I place two orders- one for each Mom of mine- my mother and my mother-in-law. Let's start with my mother's order- it came in and was not at all what I ordered. When I called customer service about it, their computer translated it to a different bouquet, instead of the radiant Peruvian Lilly bouquet, however, my confirmation was correct. Not only was it not the Lilly bouquet, it didn't even look like the other bouquet- the flowers were from ROYER'S flowers- a shop I don't shop at because they make terrible bouquets locally and I recommend you do not use them. They sent dead carnations and 7 Lilly flowers. I called customer service and got my money back- and apparently Royer's will be picking up the flowers sometime this week (which is ridiculous that I have to give them back because they were the people that ruined my Mother's Day flowers). Now let us move on to the other order below to my Mother-In-Law. They were supposed to be delivered on Saturday to her home... and I find out on Saturday night that they never arrived. Customer service offered to redeliver on Tuesday, because they couldn't deliver Monday- so I agreed to this rather than getting all of my money back because I wanted my Mother-In-Law to have flowers for Mother's Day. So, it is now Tuesday night and my Mother-In-Law never got her flowers. I called customer service and got my money back. I will never EVER use this company again.


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