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Frigidaire Stainless Refridgarator / sold used product

1 West Haven, CT, United States
Contact information:
Phone: 203 785 7627

February 26, 2008

Electrolux Major Appliances
P.O. Box 212378
Agusta, GA 30917

Attn: Keith McLoughlin, President

Dear Mr. McLoughlin,

I am writing this letter due to the extreme amount of stress that your company has put me and my family through. First, let me state that I have purchased other Frigidaire products and was usually satisfied.
I purchased a brand new refrigerator and stove approx. 3 years ago. On February 3rd our family noticed that our refrigerator was no longer working, I placed a phone call to Hallocks (the dealer that I purchased it from) and they promptly gave me the phone number to your company where I was given a phone number to the repair service co. named A & E, I spoke with a representative on February 4th and was given a repair date of February 6th.
On February 6th a repair serviceman came to my house and evaluated the refrigerator. He proceeded to ask when and why there was a previous repair to our model. When I explained that I purchased it brand new and had never had any repair service done, he showed us that there were no manufactor bolts and also showed where the back of appliance had previously soldered. He ordered the parts that would be needed to make the repairs and I immediately called Hallocks to voice my complaint, and was told that they do not sell refurbished Frigidaire products. Which was confirmed by 3 other repair service companies.
Meanwhile the parts came in on Thursday February 7th I did not receive another service appointment until Monday February 11th, the gentleman came and informed me that not all of the parts were ordered and that he would have to order more parts. This is when I started my first of many calls to your company. At this point I had no refrigerator for over a week, I was under the belief that you stand by your product and I was told that patience is a virtue by one of your employees. I was then transferred to Vanessa who offered me $25.00 as a good well gesture, (my food loss totaled a least $300.00) at some point of this very frustrating conversation I was given a few options.
rent a refrigerator and I would be reimbursed $30.00 per week
Buy a dorm size and I would be reimbursed $50.00
These are not options to me because I purchased my appliance new and that is what I expected to still have. I am a family of 5 with small children and no extra money to spare on equipment that I do not want. I also do not believe that I should have to bring an appliance into my home that I have no idea of its origin. I have heard horror stories of insect infestation on rental appliances.
Mean while the other part came to my house, I called to request an appointment and was given the date February 13th. I was told (on February 12th) that the service man would arrive at my house between 8am and 12 pm, then they called back to confirm again and the young lady told me that I would not get a phone call because I was the first stop of the day.
By 11:00 on February 13th no one showed, when I made the phone call to inquire on the status. I was told that the repair man called out sick, No one bothered to call and inform us. And then we were given another date for the repairs February 15th. I called your company and voiced my frustration with the whole situation. I spoke with many people on February 14th starting with Vanessa I was then transferred to Lori who called A&E they gave another date to come which I did not agree with I had waited long enough and I was running out of money. Lori called other repair services to request they come and make the repairs. Donnelly’s was the first to reply and proceeded to inform me that no other repair company would come and even look at the appliance because A&E was already there and there are liability issues. I then spoke with Laquinta who promised me that she would get me some help and try to resolve the issue. I was then told that I would get another check for $100, but I still had no refrigerator and no definite date on when it would be repaired. I explained that on February 15th my family was due to go on a family vacation, which I had to cancel due to the fact that I could not get anyone to watch my house because I had no way for anyone to eat or cook. And I was running out of money.
I was given another date of February 17th for the repair to take place.
On February 17th A & E called and cancelled stating that they did not have anyone to make the repair. I again called your company and spoke with Laquinta and she then stated that she was requesting that there be a replacement. I asked for a phone call back and did not get it.
I called on February 18th and was told that her request for a new appliance was denied. I was then told that I have a couple of choices.
1. I could buy a new refrigerator and be reimbursed 100% if it was a Frigidaire product.
2. If I have my original receipt I can be reimbursed for the original appliance. (which I do)
Unfortunately I am out of money and can not afford to buy a new appliance and given your track record did not want to wait and see if I actually get reimbursed and the fact is that I still have no refrigerator.
At this point Lori stated that she would request that it be reviewed again and that she promised that someone would call me back. I received no such call. When I called back to again (February 20th) voice my displeasure
I was then told that they were going to grant my request and that the service department would be in contact with me within 24-48 hours to let me know of the dealer and an approximation of when I would receive a new appliance. I again never received a phone call.
February 24th I called numerous times to speak with Laquinta, I was transferred to many people (on my request to speak with managers) I ended up speaking with Calvin.
At some point I was told that they were not able to reach the dealer, they had the wrong dealer information, I did give them the correct dealer information and I was told that again someone would call me back and again I received no phone call. February 25th I finally heard from the dealer and they explained that they did receive a phone call from your company and that I will not have to wait 3-4 days before the dealer receives it then it will come to me. I again made phone calls to your company to voice my extreme displeasure.
I am a family of 5 with a 5 year old that has not been able to have a proper meal in 24 days. I have spent every dime that we have to try to provide some sort of nourishment for my family. We are now out of money and patience. I have never made a complaint against any company until now, nor have I ever asked for anything that I do not deserve. But I feel that we should be compensated for 24 days of the aggravation and stress that this has placed on my family. My son has gone to school and told his teachers that he did not eat and that we have no refrigerator and I had to explain the situation to the school and thank goodness that they did not call the Department of children and families on us. Myself and my husband for the past few days have had to go without so that I could provide for the children. I am seriously considering contacting a state agency to help with proceeding with this matter further. I will also send a copy of this letter to the better business breau, Goodhouskeeping seal of approval and my local news consumer report. At this point receiving a new refrigerator is no longer good enough. I am EXTREMLY disappointed with your company and the results that have been handed to me. It is now February 24th and I have no Idea when I will have an appliance or any way to fill it. It will now take a lot to recoup all of the money that we have put out. I at least expect a phone call to confirm that you have received this and what your company at this point can do to assist me. I would like to know when I expect to have a refrigerator in my home.


Lisa M. Giudice


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