Frigidaire / Electroluxrefrigerator

I bought a side by side refigerator in 2014 summer, I also have extended warranty. Last year 2016 I saw cracks in the inner walls of the refrigerator I called service a tech came out and right of the bat was told this was not covered. I called customers service spoke to 4 agents all said the repair was a second technician came out after a week he did not have the material to repair so he called it in and I was told to call in to setup a day and time for a technician to come by .we did this for 2 months .See the Top 10 Worst Complaints in Garland, TXI called and wanted to speak to a supervisor got 3 to speak to then I asked to speak to the president or vice president of the company and was flat refused. I was also told if I did not want any superior then I would not be able to speak to anyone higher up .the repair is awful they put TAPE IN THE INTERIOR OF THE REFRIGERATOR IT LOOK HORRIBLE .I ASKED TO SPEAK TO SOMEONE IN PRODUCT AND CUSTOMER RELATION DEPARTMENT AND I JUST CANNOT GET ANYONE .I WILL NEVER BUY FRIGIDAIRE EVER AGAIN AND WILL DO WHATEVER I CAN TO CLOSE THIS BUSINESS DOWN I WILL REACH OUT TO ALL MEDIA TV AND YOU TUBE AND PUT PICTURES ON LINE .IF THE PRESIDENT OF FRIGIDAIRE WANT TO TALK CALL ME IF NOT YOUR GOING BANKRUPT [protected]

Jan 22, 2017

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