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M Nov 24, 2017 Review updated:

In 2012, I purchased all Frigidaire appliances (Refrigerator, Oven, Dishwasher and Microwave). I also purchased the Extended Service Agreement and renewed with an expiration date of 3/27/2020 on all the appliances. In November 2017 I noticed a crack on the door of the microwave located at the bottom of the handle. This is probably due to the design of opening and closing. The microwave is Model #FFMV162LW Serial Number KH12401883 purchase date 9/5/2012 ($199.00). The extended service contract #[protected] (spent $163.93 on this service). When I contacted the 800# to report this, I was told it is not covered, because it is not part of "functionality". I have read over the contract. No where does it mention the door not being a significant part of the functionality; it does need to be closed to function. The contract does not mention at all that the door is not part of the extended service. I then went on the Chat Line to further submit my frustration of all the expense I put in to all these extended services I purchased on all the appliances, not to have Frigidaire back up their products and services. These will be the last Frigidaire items I will purchase when I am in need of future products.

Frigidaire / Electrolux
Frigidaire / Electrolux
Frigidaire / Electrolux
Frigidaire / Electrolux


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      Nov 24, 2017

    Hi Mark.

    I appreciated reading you complaint. I'm quite heavily involved with the industry and think I might be able to shed some light on the subject.

    The issue you're referencing is a problem of "physical damage" versus that of electronic/mechanical problems. Physical damage is something most extended service guarantees do not cover; for example, closing the door too hard and cracking the door. This makes sense whereas there's no way to determine how the crack really occurred.

    For what its worth, I own several Frigidaire appliances and don't hesitate to recommend them. Admittedly I prefer the Gallery and Professional lines as compared to that of the basic Frigidaire series, but if one knows the line fairly well, they can become a great value.

    Hopefully this helps clarify the issue.

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      Dec 06, 2017

    @Shaun R. Sorry Shaun, but this seems to be a standard reply you are giving many of the complaints posted here. I still stand by my statement that I will not purchase any more Frigidaire items. After the several conversations with Frigidaire, there has not been one single reply. I asked if all my methods of contact (phone and live chat) had been recorded, to which I was informed they were as I suggested upper management review. When one receives mailers saying you are best to purchase a service agreement (kind of an extended warranty) that pretty much costs more than the unit itself, you are believing the "Company" will address the problem. In this case, me, the customer, was not satisfied with three issues; 1) Product flaw 2) Misleading extra coverage 3) Level of caring from Company.

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