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Toronto, ON, Canada

My high end dryer of only 5 years had a total malfunction! Meaning my machine died on me because of a manufacturing default which they tell me is not their fault! lol
The dryer motor that is supposed to be stationary and is secured by a $5 or so clip, simply wore out! This in turn caused the motor to twist to the right, thereby moving the wiring harness close enough to drum belt. In time the belt wore into the wiring harness and eventually shorted out my dryer!
At first customer service seemed to care and they assured me they thought that something could be done for me! I was promised an answer before the end of the day! A week later and I was calling them because I never heard back! After about an hour of waiting on the phone, I finally got through! The lady was very nice and apologized for no one getting back to me!
Essentially I was told that my problem was no fault of Electrolux as it was out of warranty and an old machine... really?? 5 years is an old machine when they should last 10-15 years!
I again explained about their obvious design flaw and the danger in the problem that I experienced and that shorting out 220 wires is not something to take lightly! Even the service tech that I paid for agreed he had not seen that problem and how dangerous it could have been. Electrolux did state they received the report and thanked me for that.
Still there was nothing they would do... incredible to say the least!

We, as smart consumers buy high end machines and, we should only expect them to last 5 years! Shouldnt we feel safe in having them?

I am TOTALLY disappointing in your response and lack of care for a safety issue!

As I am not happy to simply buy a dryer and have a mismatched set...

I will simply find another manufacturer and buy a new set!!

I will never buy your products again...

Do you care?? I will also be a strong advocate in telling everyone I know about what happened and let people know NOT to buy your products!!

Jan 28, 2017

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