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On December 9, 2017, I purchased a 6 pack box of Friendly's Friendwich ice cream sandwiches from Geresbeck's grocery store in Dundalk, Maryland. I opened the box to get one out, and to my huge surprise I observed that the ice cream sandwiches were not in any type of wrapping what-so-ever. They not only weren't wrapped, but also appeared as if they had all melted together, to form one big blob of ice cream and the outside chocolate wafers. It looked as if pieces or bites were taken from this "blob". The 6 ice cream sandwiches were basically just mushed together, having been formed into the shape of the cardboard box they were packaged in.See Top 10 Worst Companies in Wilbraham, MAThey also appeared to have been frozen, then melted, before being frozen again. This was the most odd thing I have ever seen in reference to packaged food purchased in a grocery store. My family frequently purchases these particular ice cream sandwiches, and have never had this type of issue. I would like to have this resolved by requesting either a refund, or a replacement of the item. I am unfortunately a bit apprehensive about having the product replaced, because quite frankly, seeing what I saw in that box turned my stomach, and caused me to be leary of ever buying that item again. Or, for that matter, any Friendlys item available.

Friendly's Ice Cream
Friendly's Ice Cream

Dec 10, 2017

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