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dear sir madam, i am an incomplete paraplegic.I am on sociol benefits and am struggling to keep my house and pay the bills.Free lotto has just made things a whole lot worse for me.They say that its free, but then they send you a email to say you have won a prize, you go to verify your 'pin number', and low and behold they want credit card details.I CANT AFFORD A CREDIT CARD..So then you start looking for a way to 'verify' your winnings and just go round and round in circles always leading back to form 7028b, wanting credit card details.I ask you, if this is not a scam why isnt there any way to give them your pin without haveing a credit card?The win i would have recieved would have helped so much, but now i find it a nightmare to think about.If this isnt a scam I challenge free lotto to contact me and verify my pin.I challenge them to pay out and stop smashing innocent peoples hopes.Would of had such great x-mas, thanks "freelotto"thanks...Tye

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  • Ns
      Mar 08, 2009

    Why is the US Government not taking action?
    As we all know it is a pshising scam.
    They are trying to get your credit card details and then skim small amounts regularly.
    They did the same by putting ad in the Malayala Manorama online Daily in Kerala, India. Seeing the ad I alerted the editor and thank God they have stopped the ad.
    I think US department of frauds has to look into and stop this.
    Free Lotto has a good legal department obviously. But Let us all get together and act.

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