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Someone better credit my 6 months of chare or susan warnik will here from me . this was found on the consumer web site (The trio of reporting agencies established a single authorized Web source for customers to access the information for free: That is the only federally mandated source for free, no-strings-attached credit reports.

The rest of the Internet Web sites advertising "free" reports -- more than 100 at last count -- are in fact impostors whose real agenda is to steer unsuspecting consumers into a for-profit marketing enterprise, according to a World Privacy Forum in-depth investigation and report.)

I found this in the complaints, so I have proof this is a scam.

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  • Ch
      Mar 17, 2008

    I received a free credit report and agreed to the $1.00 charge but since then i have had three different companies billing me for $29.95 a month. I have disputed these charges with my bank and it has been very frustrating. I continue to have these issues and i am sick of it. Can someone please do something about these companies ripping people off. I am single and take care of two disabled parent i do not have the money in my account. I did not agree to anything but the one time $1.00 fee and i am pissed.

    To anybody that reads this - Please do not visit the websites unless you have money to give away because they will continue to take it from you. I cannot believe that something cannot be done about this.

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  • Kr
      May 03, 2008

    You c an get a free credit report by going directly to one of the three major credit bureus. You are allowed 1 free per year. You may also go to If any site is asking for your credit card #, you are guaranteed to be charged more down the road.

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  • Au
      May 03, 2008

    Anyone using Free Credit Report.Com BEWARE, it is not free, you will be charged a monthly fee. My fee was $12.95 without my consent. I was charged another $12.95 for the next month. I called VISA and had a new credit card issued and canceled the old card.

    This is the coolest scam I have seen. I should have known something was up when they asked for my credit card number.

    Just a heads up to Free Credit, its not free !!!


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