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I had noticed on 11/07 my checking account ending in 1638 was debt $29.95. I had called to find out why my account had been charged an unauthorizes transaction should have been transferred back into my account before 12-03-2016. it's been over two and a half week, and still, no refunded charged back into my account. So now I need these unauthorizes charges refunded back into my account ASAP along with both INF Fees of $34.00 dollars a piece.

shady business practices

When checking on deceptive credit charges by this company, I found that they keep your credit card information on file FOREVER. You cannot remove it, only change it to another card. When I complained, I was told that it is their business practice. The next day after I complained, my very secure email that had never had a problem before was hacked. Very suspicious. In order to get my credit card info out of their system, I had to get an unactivated gift card and change my credit card info to that.

unauthorized charges on my credit card

This company is advertising a FREE CREDIT REPORT but when you go to the site, you have to pay $1 but after you put in your credit card information, they charge $16.95 to your credit card every month. No phone number can be found. They are stealing -someone help me report them to the authorities!!!

  • An
    Anna Cruz Jun 19, 2008
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    HOW CAN THIS BE FREE IF YOU PEOPLE ARE CHARGING ME MONTHLY. TAKE ME OFF YOUR LIST PLEASE and restore the charges that have been taken from me PLEASE!!

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  • Fr
    freetrialsarenotfree2 May 11, 2012
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    Verified customer

    That "Contact us" link in the middle of their website sure is hard to find, lol.

    Call Us
    Contact us toll-free at 1-877-481-6826.
    For your convenience, our Call Center is open:
    Monday-Friday from 6 a.m. to 6 p.m.,
    Saturday-Sunday 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. (Pacific Time)

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false ad/additional charges/shady oversees business

I went on to this site to view my credit report on 04/09/2012. The site advertises $1.00 credit reports and a...

Recurring 16.95 charge never authorized

I received my bank statement today 12/20/11 for a $16.95 charge on 12/13/11, I never used the website for a credit report nor did i authorize this agency to debt any money from my bank acct . i want my money reimbursed immediately.

  • Ti
    TiredOfTheCrap2 Feb 13, 2012
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    The same thing happened to us via my husband's debit card. We are sure he never obtained a credit report online, or any other way for that matter. When I called, they would not talk to me, of course, as I am not the card holder. When he called, they said the charges would be refunded within 7-10 days. They also said that a person with the initials AD had used his card to sign up, but they cannot give my husband that person's actual information due to privacy issues. Hello?! I don't know where the scams start anymore--with the elusive "AD" or with the companies themselves. We relate this to happening when he had called to order something else and then several recurring charges started appearing on our account. Things like, DVDs, Food cards, "HOME"-which we have never figured out to this day what we were supposed to even get for that. There are all of these call center type of places that take calls and orders for hundreds of products. One of these kind operators told me that she suspected the operator just started checking boxes for several of the items they sell in order to boost his/her sales. It took about two hours on the phone to get all of these removed and credited. Use caution and listen to EXACTLY what they say when cancelling. They have very creative scripts they use and count on the person to only hear the "will be cancelled" part. Most of them tried to "give" me an closing deal or something typically for more than what they had already charged me. Some even got annoyed with me I questioned them or interrupted to tell them NO, no more charges. Then the Experian charges started appearing. We have cancelled it and I'll see how long it takes to come through. So, my point is, beware ANY place you are calling or accessing online. Use only reputable companies with whom you are already familiar. Maybe we should all go back to using CASH! We would probably spend a lot less, too. I also recommend that if charges are not refunded or continue, get a new card with a new number.

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They offered me a credit report for one dollar and ended up racking up over 100 dollars in charges to my...

Unauthorized credit card charge

I did not receive a credit report of any sort. I did go their web site and started to fill out a request...

Misleading advertisement that should be illegal

I fell for the advertised "Free credit report" and requested it through I should have...

Misleading and deceitful billing

On the 20th of March, 2011, I signed up for a trial of their services understanding that I would be charged one dollar and that I would be charged $14.95 if I did not cancel the trial within 9 days. I complied with these and viewed my credit report. The next day my bank account was charged $29.95. My husband and I both checked our credit reports separately as you cannot view more than one in a single report and we were both charged $29.95. I called their customer service department and was informed that the free report is only for the Experian report, not the tri-report. YET THEIR LINK AUTOMATICALLY TAKES YOU TO THE THREE-BUREAU REPORT!! This is deceitful, misleading, and wrong. After being informed that the free report is only for Experian they hung up on me without refunding me my money. You better believe I will call back and will keep calling until I get at least of the charges reversed!

  • Pi
    pilgrimgurl Mar 26, 2011

    They are total ###.

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  • Ro
    robbed in alberta Apr 04, 2011
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    they are ### and owned by coverdell out of quebec if its the same ripoff as ours, go back to the add and see if its routed through privacy protection plus, if so they also sign you up for savind mart or one of there other twenty ripoffs companys at 29.95 a month.who the heck needs a credit check every month.ppp 1-888-999-0535...they paid back 11monthesx2/29.95 when thretened with 60 minutes, w5, bbb, credit card fraud department, dont give up as they will cave

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  • Dc
    DCgal Jun 10, 2011

    I am currently going through the same issue with them. I went to their website to sign up for a free report and have been continuously billed for reports that I did not order. Their customer service rep basically called me a liar and said I would have to file credit card fraud charges. What was your outcome?

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Unauthorized charges

They seem like they would be so helpful in their commercials and cute jingle, but they're really scam...

Fraudlent website

Websites like are fraudlent! Because they say that you get free credit reports but guess why they ask you for your credit card info? To enroll you in a free trial of their credit monitoring service and if you don't cancel before your trial ends then they will start charging you monthly fees to your credit card! Companies like I check my credit reports at is the only website where you can get your credit reports absolutely free. Sites like should be punished for the things that they do without your knowledge

Since this is a free credit report I have charges on my VISA in error and need a refund

I check once for free credit report and I have been bill for many months and I expect a refund for all the...

unatherized debit transaction

I did not authorize this they are taking out 14.95 every month. tried to look the company up and found nothing. I want my money back and stop this transaction from reacquiring.

This is a scam... never signed up for any thing and some how they got my information.

Do I have to cancel my whole account from taking this money out of my account.

Please help I need to cancel...

  • Mi
    milalala Oct 07, 2010

    Same thing happened to me. I went to my bank as calling them is useless. They canceled my debit card and issued me a new one, crediting me the money back (2 transactions within 2 days of the same amount as you) I have Bank of America.

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14.95 charge not authorized

I bought a three agency report from Experian and now I get a 14.95 charge from on my bank statement. I never even visited their website! How can I get my money back?

  • Je
    Jep09 Sep 08, 2010

    They did this to us! Just file fraud with your bank and give them all and cancel your membership at credit report, even though you did not join they will say you did. The bank has reimbursed us and is fighting the credit companies...4 diff ones! They said we authorized it online using our email as confirmation...funny thing is the letter they sent us had one letter wrong in my email that way I can fight it saying that is not my email

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  • Ph
    Phedeks Feb 08, 2011

    They got me too, I have disputed the charge. They are no different than Nigerian Scammers. This is a joke, they need to be put out of business. Pro Flowers does this shady practice with some third party Esaver scam company. You'll rack up charges you never even knew about until you check your statement.

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Charged $1.00 No Score!

Paid $1.00 for Credit Score and NO SCORE! I have already gotten my three crdit reports and want my credit score.

monthly charges

I keep on receiving charges of $14.95 on my credit card and I never ordered anything.
My credit card says i have to do it direct with them but htere are no
phone numbers to call

  • Th
    ThefamilyofAnita&Joe May 04, 2010

    The exact same thing has happened to us... My husband went on the free credit report website to look up our credit about 7 months ago and every month since then we have been getting a $14.95 monthly fee automatically withdrawn from our checking account and my husband said he never gave authorization or signed up for a monthly program. I have trying to get this removed for several months but the e-mail address on our ckg statement is not recognized. Now I need to call the bank and see what they can do about blocking it... Just a reminder that people really have to be "VERY CAREFUL" with any thing that says it is "FREE" on the Internet..!!! ~ Anita & Joe from Pittsburgh, PA

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  • Aw
    a wall Aug 13, 2010
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    i had the same problem i was able to contact them 1-888-294-9477 i kept a old e mail they sent me and provided my membership # and the last 4 # of my ssn and i got the name and id# of the agent after he stated they would send me a conformation # in 24hrs hope this helps

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  • Go Nov 16, 2011

    here is the info to contact them!!!

    Experian Consumer DirectAddress:‎
    18500 Von Karman Ave # 900
    Irvine, CA 92612-0526

    (949) 567-3600‎

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  • Fr
    FrustratedWithExperian Aug 08, 2013
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    The same thing happened to me. I just called 888-294-9477 and J.R. at Experian said they can cancel it, but they will not refund the $14.95 I was charged for the first month. I did NOT order this. I thought I was paying $1 for a one time report that showed my credit score, but instead it was a trial for a $14.95/month service. I never even got to see my credit score, so now I'm worried I have been a victim of identity theft.

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Free Credit Report.Com Unauthorized Charges

Art Lee,
I had the same problem, they somehow got my credit card number (with out me putting it in on the site) and charged me $14.95 from one company and $24.95 from another monthly. I called the $24.95 monthly and with in minutes got all of my charges refunded. I got a hold of the other ($14.95 charges) today and they refunded my money and I told them to delete my information. Here is the number that I called [protected]
I found this one to be very helpful. I was kind of mean to the woman on the phone, which I do feel bad for, but I did get my problem resolved and know never to use that website ever again. I hope this helps :)

  • Ma
    Mary M Whitehurst May 12, 2007
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    They have charged my credit card for several months in the amount of $9.95. I have called my credit card company and they say I have to deal directly with MNI. I have called MNI telephone number given on my credit card billing, each time they answer, put me on hold and then cut me off. I have yet to talk to anyone.

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  • Ma
    Maria Salado May 15, 2007
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    They've charging my credit card for several months for the amount of $9.95. my bank said that i need to contact them but they hang up on me!!

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  • Mo
    moray111 Feb 22, 2010

    Free credit report com keeps charging me 32$ and i only ordered a 10 one once

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  • Mk
    mkkiernan Feb 22, 2011


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i signed up for the free 7 day trailcredit report.which i never received. then i canceled it that same day. i was charged $19.95 plus $1.00. i want this returned to my account or i will take action. i will report fraud. plus, i will turn it over to the proper authorities for theft. i did not sign up for your program. i live on disabilty and i do not have the income to pay for this. so i will take whatever action it will take to get my money back. i am sure you are a large company taking advantage of people like myself. but that $19.95 means alot to me. it could mean as much as keeping my telephone on. i am very angry about this and will not stop until it is return. trust me i love writing emails to whom ever it will take to fix this. if need be this could go as far as going to court over the fraud which i believe is against the law. that would be a mental anguish for me. i believe it would be cheaper to give me my money back.
thank you
janet garner

  • Ch
    ChelseaP331 Feb 23, 2011

    Almost the exact same thing happened to me just recently. Signed up at to view my credit score and report, they did make it clear that it was 1.00, one-time charge. Don't let the "Free" part fool you. There is nothing free about it. Of course I was so naive to think that a company could ever make things CLEAR to you the specifics of this "Free Trial". It's absolutely ridiculous. Of course, making it so deceiving, makes it easy for them to make money. This is the LAST time that I get ripped off by a company like this, I'am extremely IRATE. Hidden charges are by far my biggest pet peeve. I was also charged 19.95 about 2 weeks or so after paying the original 1.00 $ to "view my report". In no way, shape, OR form was this EVER made CLEAR to me that I was going to be charged this amount, at any time. I think this is very, very, shady of company's to do, and it is not okay. I disputed it with my credit card company, but I'am yet to call because their offices seem to be closed at the moment, but I can just predict what they are going to say "you accepted to the terms and agreements...19.95 charge...blah blah blah" TOTAL [censor]. I'am not getting off the phone with them until they refund my money.

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overcharging, lying on phone, terrible customer servive

First, Experian is directly associated with I found this out when trying to dispute some charges FCR had charged on my charge card.

When I tried to challenge charges two different reps told me one thing and then another, in other words, they changed their stories as we talked

. USE THIS PHONE NUMBER: [protected] to reach Experian and speak with them. If you call the customer "support" they will say they cannot remove any charges from your credit card.

It took a few hours and much persistence but got the charges removed.

Stay away from FCR and Experian.

  • Al
    allen.sally13 Feb 17, 2010

    I am getting charged for a $14.95 a month for Free Credit Report. I asked for it but it say free and I thought that it was a one time only and I don't want it every month and I don't get it every month and Iwant you to quit charging it to my card. I will not pay for it any more and I am going to call my card and tell then not to accept it any more. Please quit this.

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  • Sa
    sandra mcdonald Oct 17, 2010

    I agree this is what has happened to me! They keep billing me for the service I used once, and I am disputing the charges. What a scam1

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unfair charges

In each month, Aug., Sept., and Oct. I was charged $14.95 on my Sears MasterCard for a FREE credit report...

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