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Gold Credit Score / 3 free credit scores

Dec 06, 2016

I had noticed on 11/07 my checking account ending in 1638 was debt $29.95. I had called to find out why my account had been charged an unauthorizes transaction should have been transferred back into my account before 12-03-2016. it's been over two and a half week, and still, no refunded... credit report / shady business practices

Jun 17, 2013

When checking on deceptive credit charges by this company, I found that they keep your credit card information on file FOREVER. You cannot remove it, only change it to another card. When I complained, I was told that it is their business practice. The next day after I complained, my very...

Free Credit Report / unauthorized charges on my credit card

May 11, 2012

This company is advertising a FREE CREDIT REPORT but when you go to the site, you have to pay $1 but after you put in your credit card information, they charge $16.95 to your credit card every month. No phone number can be found. They are stealing -someone help me report them to the authorities!!! / false ad/additional charges/shady oversees business

Apr 10, 2012

I went on to this site to view my credit report on 04/09/2012. The site advertises $1.00 credit reports and a $15 membership if you don't cancel within a certain time frame. I got in contact with a debt repair agency and they referred me to a different site. So I called...

Free Credit Report / Recurring 16.95 charge never authorized

Dec 29, 2011

I received my bank statement today 12/20/11 for a $16.95 charge on 12/13/11, I never used the website for a credit report nor did i authorize this agency to debt any money from my bank acct . i want my money reimbursed immediately. / ###!!!!

Dec 19, 2011

They offered me a credit report for one dollar and ended up racking up over 100 dollars in charges to my checking account. All I wanted was to pay a dollar and to get one copy of my credit report and without my authorization signed me up for a trial membership for services I never used. Then...

Free Credit Report / Unauthorized credit card charge

Jun 11, 2011

I did not receive a credit report of any sort. I did go their web site and started to fill out a request. Then discovered they wanted too much personal information, so I left the site without even requesting a free report. Today I received my credit card statement which revealed a $14.95...

CIC Triple Advantage / Misleading advertisement that should be illegal

Apr 29, 2011

I fell for the advertised "Free credit report" and requested it through I should have spent time reading the terms of the service, but I hope my lesson will be a warning for you. I got my free report from this website. Two months later I noticed two charges from "CIC... / Misleading and deceitful billing

Mar 25, 2011

On the 20th of March, 2011, I signed up for a trial of their services understanding that I would be charged one dollar and that I would be charged $14.95 if I did not cancel the trial within 9 days. I complied with these and viewed my credit report. The next day my bank account was charged... / Unauthorized charges

Feb 20, 2011

They seem like they would be so helpful in their commercials and cute jingle, but they're really scam artists! They claim you can look at your credit score for free and not be obligated to sign up, then a month later I was charged with a 14.95 monthly membership fee. Not only do you... / Fraudlent website

Jan 23, 2011

Websites like are fraudlent! Because they say that you get free credit reports but guess why they ask you for your credit card info? To enroll you in a free trial of their credit monitoring service and if you don't cancel before your trial ends then they will...

FreeCreditReport. Com / Since this is a free credit report I have charges on my VISA in error and need a refund

Jan 03, 2011

I check once for free credit report and I have been bill for many months and I expect a refund for all the charges and this is suppose to be a free credit report.

Free Mini Credit / unatherized debit transaction


I did not authorize this they are taking out 14.95 every month. tried to look the company up and found nothing. I want my money back and stop this transaction from reacquiring. This is a scam... never signed up for any thing and some how they got my information. Do I have...

Free Credit Report / 14.95 charge not authorized


I bought a three agency report from Experian and now I get a 14.95 charge from on my bank statement. I never even visited their website! How can I get my money back?

Free Credit Report / / Charged $1.00 No Score!


Paid $1.00 for Credit Score and NO SCORE! I have already gotten my three crdit reports and want my credit score.

Free Credit Report / monthly charges


I keep on receiving charges of $14.95 on my credit card and I never ordered anything. My credit card says i have to do it direct with them but htere are no phone numbers to call

Free Credit / Free Credit Report.Com Unauthorized Charges


Art Lee, I had the same problem, they somehow got my credit card number (with out me putting it in on the site) and charged me $14.95 from one company and $24.95 from another monthly. I called the $24.95 monthly and with in minutes got all of my charges refunded. I got a hold of the other...

Free Credit Report / CHARGE MY BANK ACOUNT $19.95


I WANTED TO SHARE WHAT I WROTE TO THE COMPANY TO GET MY MONEY BACK. i signed up for the free 7 day trailcredit report.which i never received. then i canceled it that same day. i was charged $19.95 plus $1.00. i want this returned to my account or i will take action. i will report fraud. plu...

Free Credit, Info. Freecreditreport / overcharging, lying on phone, terrible customer servive


First, Experian is directly associated with I found this out when trying to dispute some charges FCR had charged on my charge card. When I tried to challenge charges two different reps told me one thing and then another, in other words, they changed their stories a...

FreeCreditReport / unfair charges


In each month, Aug., Sept., and Oct. I was charged $14.95 on my Sears MasterCard for a FREE credit report. This is unfair. I thought I was getting a free credit report. I think FREE means FREE - no charge. I want that you give me a refund for these 3 charges. I have been told by Sears that... / Unauthorized charges to my credit card


I signed up for an annual free credit report and they charged me $14.95 for two month for a subscription that I didn't even know that I had because I failed to cancel the service within 7 days. They only could credit my account for the last $14.95 charge. It is ironic that thi...

Free Credit / Double charges


Lookout for this company! FREE CREDIT REPORT IS NOT FREE. Their website states get your free credit report, but in small writing it says you will be charged only 14.95 if not cancelled within 7 days. That's 14.95 per month until you cancel. No where does it say this is only for 1...

Free Credit Report 360 / Fraud


On august 18th, 2009, i was seeking out a way to obtain a free copy of my credit report and credit score. I googled "free credit reports" and many sites were available. One of the sites i clicked on was free credit report 360. I filled out the information requested of me, such as name...

Free Mini Credit Report / Ripp-off company


This company charges whatever price they want to charge. I was charged $29.99 and they told me it was a one time fee...which was suppose to be free trail for 7 days until they bill you. Billed my credit card the 1st day. Other people have stated that they have billed them $12.95 every month...

CIC Triple Advantage / Charges for services not oredered


It's apparent that Experian does not comply with the Fair Credit Reporting Act. I attempted to order my annual free credit report. Access to free credit reports online are seamless & transparent for Equifax and Transunion. Not so for Experian. Not only is it difficult (read...

CIC Triple Advantage / Charge on credit card


I went online and paid $1.00 for a 7 day trial membership so that I could get my 3 in 1 credit report. I got my report threw Credit Adapter. I also cancelled the membership before the 7 day period was up and printed the cancellation page out and also had a cancellation email sent to me a...

&Free& Credit report / monthly charge for Free report


Back in November I came across a web site touting "Free Credit Reports"; inasmuch as MD has a 'one free credit report per year' law, I clicked on and ordered my "free" report. Well, I not only received my report with an excellent score, but my credit card statement also showed... / DECEPTIVE TRADE PRACTICES AND FRAUD:


DECEPTIVE TRADE PRACTICES AND FRAUD:, associated with or owned by Experian credit reporting agency. Use instead for the reasons below:, which advertises broadly on the cable channels, does not give you anything...

Cardsafe Through Free Credit / non cancellation of fees


They do not tell you beforehand but if you don't carefully read the terms, you will be screwed. They will gladly cancel your account but will not refund any money. Duh? You have to read the fine print which is not shown until you have already paid.

Free Credit / Cic Triple Adavantage / Unauthorized Charges to bank account


I went to the Free Credit web site for a FREE credit report but have been charged $14.95 to my account since Nov. 2008. I have called CIC TripleAdvantage to receive a refund but they refuse and claim that I have signed off on a disclosure. It appears that this additional charge each...

Freecredit / cancelled subscription but they kept me on anyway


I had subscribed to I know after 7 days you will be charged $14.95 per month. After 12 days I cancelled cause you know time flies and you forget to do things. So anyway, I called to CANCEL my subscription. The man asked me why and I told him "I don't want to pay... /


Dear all These people are bunch of crooks. They show free credit score, 30 days free trial credit score and then collect your credit card. When you want to cancel within 30 days they have already charged your card. They will then claim you have agreed to terms and conditions which says you...

Cic*triple Advantage (Services And Merchandise) / Tricky credit report company


I visited their website and they started billing me everymonth, i did not know that by visiting their website i " agreed" to paying them every month 14.95$, i called to cancel and they told me they have the following websites and more which i got impatient to write down, hopefull other...

CIC - Triple Advantage / Unauthorized withdrawal


I thought i was signing up for a free credit report and now for 3 months they have been charging my bank account almost $20.00. I do not use it and feel I should get my money back. I cannot even find a phone number or even a contact me or an e-mail. I do not have the money for it and I do...

Free Credit Report / They took 29. 95 out of my account


I don't know what city they are in but they took my money for a free credit report and i want my 29. 95 returned to me. I did not authorize no one to take money out of my account. The phone number is [protected] The confronmation number is 1218262 Please help me. Thanks, phyllis / No easy way to cancel subscription

Ha advertise on the TV about availing the free credit report. True, it's easy to get one--but why do they make it so hard to cancel your membership. They give you 9-days to check out your credit report, and after that you start paying subscription charges. While...

CIC Triple Advantage / paying for services not ordered


I went to Free Credit Report last year and around the same time signed up for a help insurance program. I saw the $12.00a bill on my card and i thought it was for a health isnurance premimum I had applied for. Well today I saw that the payment had gone up to $12.95 this month and I called...

CIC Triple Advantage / Sneaky membership


We accidentally signed up for this thing! I was trying to check our credit score before purchasing a newer car. I never had any intention of signing up for this and thought that I had clicked out of all the "accept" window. To make a long story short, we called and were told we could...

CIC Triple Advantage / Easy way out...


I applied for a FREE credit report as well...after 30 days was charged 14.95...have continued to be charged 14.95 on my credit card even though my password no longer works to even see an updated credit report. Now after seeing the charges i looked up the CIC Triple Advantage online, and... / screwed by AKA CIC TripleAdvantage


I wrote this to send to the Better Business Bureau but it was too long and I'm way too frustrated right now to chop it down to 2030 characters. I signed up at back in 2006, checked my credit report, canceled the account, NO PROBLEM. 3 Months ago I did the same and...