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TrustedID complaints 7

8:50 am EDT

TrustedID Fraud and data harvesting

The product t is not fit for purpose

For spwm reason you feel at liberty to send security data accross unsecured HTTP not HTTPS I understand from this that TRUST ID is promoting cyber crime a d identity theft - your services are below standard

Why does your product not work with security protocols such as VPN which is used accross the world but won't work with your substandard product.

Claimed loss: I have spent 3 hours trying to fix your substandard product, to make it work with standard networking protocols Your product has put my personal data at RISK

Desired outcome: That your company is investigated fro fraud and data harvesting

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1:01 pm EDT
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TrustedID Prof Service ID monitoring

I signed up for a 14 day free trial and then cancelled on the same day because they changed my card. End of story, so I thought. They came back and said it was a pending charge. They gave me some theory that I did not get back to their representative because he was explaining the pending charge fee. But I cancelled the service in black and white, so I didn't think anything else about it, until they actually did charge my card for the whole amount and stated that since I didn't answer them back they were allowed. What part of cancel the service is not clear. Rip off artists, Scam people only want to give me partial back. They tell me that to get my full money back I have to go to my credit card company or bank and file a dispute. Really! You fraudulently charge my card after I cancel and you are a identity theft service, who is watching YOU!

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1:59 pm EDT
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TrustedID No refund

Cancelled service the day amount was taken from my bank account. Contacted customer service for refund, I was told that since I was no longer a subscriber they couldn't help me. Wrote a letter and sent it to the company. There was no reply. Updated credit score once a year. New provider is Norton and they update every month. Really like their service. TrustedID never contacted me about any credit checks or any other problem. Just took my money and ran!

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Is TrustedID legit?

Our conclusion: After a detailed review, ComplaintsBoard finds TrustedID to be a trustworthy company. Although there's a 14% resolution rate for customer complaints, which deserves attention, TrustedID is known for their high standards and safety. If you're thinking about dealing with TrustedID, it's wise to check how they handle complaints.

TrustedID earns a trustworthiness rating of 91%

Highly recommended, but caution will not hurt.

We found clear and detailed contact information for TrustedID. The company provides a physical address, phone number, and 2 emails, as well as 3 social media accounts. This demonstrates a commitment to customer service and transparency, which is a positive sign for building trust with customers.

TrustedID has claimed the domain name for for a long time, which suggests that the website is established and has a history of being in operation. This is a positive sign, as it indicates that the website has been around for a while and may have a reputation to maintain. has a valid SSL certificate, which indicates that the website is secure and trustworthy. Look for the padlock icon in the browser and the "https" prefix in the URL to confirm that the website is using SSL. has been deemed safe to visit, as it is protected by a cloud-based cybersecurity solution that uses the Domain Name System (DNS) to help protect networks from online threats.

We looked up TrustedID and found that the website is receiving a high amount of traffic. This could be a sign of a popular and trustworthy website, but it is still important to exercise caution and verify the legitimacy of the site before sharing any personal or financial information

However ComplaintsBoard has detected that:

  • While TrustedID has a high level of trust, our investigation has revealed that the company's complaint resolution process is inadequate and ineffective. As a result, only 14% of 7 complaints are resolved. The support team may have poor customer service skills, lack of training, or not be well-equipped to handle customer complaints.
  • We conducted a search on social media and found several negative reviews related to TrustedID. These reviews may indicate issues with the company's products, services, or customer support. It is important to thoroughly research the company and its offerings before making any purchases to avoid any potential risks.
2:56 pm EST
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TrustedID SCAM Artists

From what I see in many complaints posted already, I am not sure how this company is still in business and continuing to scam people. My yearly membership was up and I was forced to cancel due to financial hardship. I knew it was time to cancel ONLY because the yearly renewal fee of $240 appeared on my American Express. I too was told "sorry about your luck" but you are only getting $120 back, even though I was cancelling ONE WEEK after my renewal. I was told that I received several emails (I have two email accounts for two theft protection accounts) advising me that my renewal was up. NEVER received any such emails (shocker I know). The great customer service rep told me that the emails probably went into my spam folder. But not the other emails that I regularly got about my account status, being protected, etc.? Hmmm sound fishy? I thought American Express would have my back so I disputed the charge. American Express never bothered to call me to find out the details, just took the response from TrustedID and too said "sorry about your luck". No such thing as customer service anymore. That's okay I work for a CPA with lots of clients being hit by identity theft. we were regularly referring clients to TrustedID. I will blast this company to anyone who is within earshot. And on every social media site!

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10:12 am EDT
Verified customer This complaint was posted by a verified customer. Learn more

TrustedID Company Did not Honor trial period

This is an actual letter of complaint I sent to trusted Id which they did not acknowledge: Did Not Honor Trial Period, seemed only interested in withdrawing from my bank account. - TrustedID

To TrustedID

Hello Mr . Ramon Icasiano Customer service V.p.My name is E. P. and I am seething at this company and they're policies for one, when I signed up for the free 14 day trial
Thur. June, 14 I thought this might be a service I could use but your Co. put a hold on $125 in my bank acct. which offset some other people I owed cash to.Messed me up real good.Now I cancelled your service on Tues. June 26, 2012 saying I did not like some of your policies in my email cancellation.This was long before the trial period ended.I have all the email records and Damned, your people still went ahead and took $125 from my bank acct.That can't happen I will get my full refund back and I am making preparations with my lawyers.Your company under the guise of claiming to want to protect peoples bank accounts are really just high tech. robbers. I need your people to return my much needed money and lose my bank acct. number.Mr. Icasiano I am sure you are aware that no one ever answers that phone number [protected]. I am aware it is just some sort of ploy as I was blowing that phone up.Your people need to be reported to the proper authorities immediately as I am sure this is a routine.I repeat! I QUIT THIS SUBSCRIPTION! I NEED MY MONEY!LOSE MY CREDIT CARD NUMBER!YOU WILL HERE FROM ME REAL SOON.E. P.

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Everett, US
Aug 30, 2012 8:42 am EDT

Did you ever hear anything back from them?

8:30 am EDT
The complaint has been investigated and resolved to the customer’s satisfaction.

TrustedID renewal

Renewed my product without any notice at all. I saw the charge on my credit card in the next billing cycle and asked for a refund. They told me they could only refund half of the money, even though it was less than a month later, per their policy which I never saw when I signed up. if I would have been sent a notice, we wouldn't have had this problem.

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The complaint has been investigated and resolved to the customer’s satisfaction.

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8:14 pm EDT

TrustedID Bad service

Locked out of the site for 3 days and they never bothered to reply back to my request for help nevertheless apologize for the tech problem.

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Denise Kay
San Antonio, US
May 19, 2015 5:35 am EDT

Called and cancelled service but I am still being charged!

Rural Retreat, US
May 08, 2014 7:18 pm EDT
Verified customer This comment was posted by a verified customer. Learn more

Was charged with renewal and when I cancelled did not return my money. Customer Ser ice wouldn't help and letter went unanswered. Credit score updated only once a year, found better service with Norton.

Santa Barbara, US
Oct 17, 2012 11:10 am EDT

I've always gotten excellent customer services and had my calls answered minuets after calling. The on call specialist are always willing to help me with the issues that i have. Are you calling after hours?

Mar G
Strongsville, US
Jun 27, 2012 8:39 am EDT
Verified customer This comment was posted by a verified customer. Learn more

We have been canceled ( locked out several times during the year of service). We were canceled at the time, they renewed us...charging our credit card. ( without consent). Call them...the billing they have is a third party service. We can issue you a check. I said I would just dispute it off the credit card charge. We got our money back only to have them wait a month to dispute it back... Still waiting on this to be over. Somehow I feel SCAMMED by a company that should be UN_TRUSTED ID . We should really get moneyback from the first year too. Since its computers have so much downtime. (cancel time).

Corona, US
Nov 10, 2011 7:53 pm EST
Verified customer This comment was posted by a verified customer. Learn more

Hinky, I am sorry that you had this experience. We pride ourselves on our reliability and customer service. I am not aware of any system downtime and If you would like to discuss this issue in greater detail please feel free to contact me at

Director, Customer Service

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Overview of TrustedID complaint handling

TrustedID reviews first appeared on Complaints Board on Nov 5, 2011. The latest review Fraud and data harvesting was posted on Nov 3, 2023. The latest complaint renewal was resolved on Jun 08, 2012. TrustedID has an average consumer rating of 2 stars from 7 reviews. TrustedID has resolved 1 complaints.
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