Fraudulent Lloyds Bank Accounts / Scam and fraud companies

United Kingdom
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I made payments into these accounts for a travel ticket to Lagos which I never get and my 992.00 pounds gone. What is infuriating is that Lloyd's bank knew about these bogus scam companies before, have been informed by police before and they still allowed them to function. If Lloyd's have taken the actions that they were suppose to take when informed by police these scam companies would not have been able to get other victims.
On 17/7/14 I made a payment of 558.00 into
Ajarwal travels
Acc no [protected]
Sort code 309777 and they took my money and nothing was done to the
On 14/5/14 I made a payment of 50 pounds to
Diamond travels
Acc number [protected]
Sort code 77 19 01 and my money home too.
The question is why is so easy to open a company bogus account in Lloyd's. I am not the only victim of these scam companies and Lloyd's bank is still allowing them to trade with the account even after it has been brought to their attention that the companies are scam.

Sep 03, 2014

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