FPLagain another high deposit?

Am Palm Coast, FL Review updated:

I am so sick of this! FPL did it again! They have closed the Palm Coast payment store, so the only option is Daytona's pay center. Well They only take cash first of all. And second I tried paying online and they don't take Visa any longer. So last month we payed cash on the 3rd...the day the bill was due. So it took FPL 3 days to process it, making us LATE!!! Because now they only accept cash. So they charged me ANOTHER $322.See Top 10 Worst Companies in Palm Coast, FL00 DEPOSIT??? First off I was on time w/ my payment!!! You people make it so hard to pay our bills!!! So now this month in the span of 5 days I have received 4 Different bills, of Different Amounts? I have to sit here today and tomorrow and WAIT for someone to come shut me off, (I have the $154.48, in my hand cash). This is bull crap! I am so sick of having this happen to us. Everything was reported to our lawyer too, I guess paper work is being drawn on this situation, FPL has also been turned into the Better Business Bureau. Because we are a working family and FPL doesn't seem to care about their customers!!! I am sick of every month I turn around and I "owe" this imaginary Deposit out of no where! I have given FPL over $4, 000.00 in Deposits since last year, and we have only been living in Florida for a year! I am so sick of FPL and their bullcrap!

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  • Br
      Sep 10, 2009

    I just e-mailed every Democrat in the Florida House of reps about this deposit rip off scam they have going. Maybe you should too?

    I also called the offices of Debbie wasserman-Schultz, Kendrick Meek and even Charlie Christ.

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  • Kh
      May 17, 2010

    Unfortunately nothing is ever going to change it. I love their letters: something along the lines of We understand economic times are hard and people find it struggling to pay their bills on time - so we're asking you for ANOTHER deposit... does that MAKE SENSE TO ANYONE!?!?!?!?! they want me to pay 475 by tomorrow or my power gets turned off. My husband and I are in school full time, and we have a 1.5 year old son, and cannot find ANY type of part time job. We're in school so that we can become better people and not have to deal with late payments of any bill ever again, and out of all the companies I have to pay money too- FPL is the only one requesting extra payment, I don't understand it. They don't accept VISA which is what my credit card that actually has money on it to cover that ridiculous fee, so now what am I supposed to do? Apply for a Mastercard account just to pay my FPL bill?

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  • Br
      May 20, 2011

    Why are the allowed to get away with this?

    The first time that I requested a payment extension they demanded an additional deposit.

    If I was having trouble paying the freakin bill how the heck was I supposed to come up with even more money?

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  • In
      Sep 22, 2011

    I've been a FPL customer for over ten years and have dealt with this same crap over and over. Our most recent run in included a $900 final bill for one month of service in a 1, 000 SQ manufactured home which supposedly included the budget billing balance. The thing is, my budget billing balance on my last statement was way smaller than what they were saying I owed. However I was forced to pay it. On top of that, they wanted a $400 deposit on my new place, only gave me 12 days to pay, and even though I'm able to pay now which is 24 days, they cancelled my acct and turned off my power with no notice whatsoever!! I am pregnant and have a small child and two refridgerators full of food from a recent shopping trip. Then they say it takes a day to turn on again? Madness, sheer madness. FPL is pure evil. Makes me want to leave the state. I've complained to everybody but nothing is done

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