Ford N1 Cityxenophobia

I own a Ford Ecosport. One morning the car died in the middle of the road and the dashboard showed "Engine Malfunction". The car was towed to Ford N1 City. The service people decided that I have to pay half the expense for the repair. The reason was that I had a service that went over. What I fail to understand is: after the said service[that i went over], I took the car in by N1 City because of an oil leak, and they did not mention about payment[they normally tell you as you are booking-in the car].

Why bring up payment now, when I had brought in the car before no mentioned was made of payment. This how I get treated after the flipping car died in the middle of the road and sitting in the car for three hours waiting for it to be towed. And the service [that I was supposed pay], they didn't make me pay then because I explained to them that when I went to Zimbabwe the car was on 56000km, and, for the sake of the car, rather do the service when we come back. They understood, and didnt make me pay for the service. I suspect this is a case of xenophobia.

As a comparison, I drive a 2003 model Toyota, the car have not died in the middle of the road, never.

May 03, 2017

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