Ford Motor Company / service at lucas ford mount holly nj 08060

Lumberton, NJ, United States

I brought my 2006 Mercury Mountaineer to get it looked at because it had become hard to steer. They diagnosed it as needing ball joints, a serpentine belt, an alignment, an upper and lower control arm. $1400 later I picked my vehicle up and it still had the same problem. Hard to steer almost as if there was no power steering. Bringing it back to them they now say it's the piece that connects the steering column to the rack and pinion. They say they are not responsible for the misdiagnosis. They want an additional $500-$600 from me. Keep in mind my vehicle has 54, 000 miles and all the service records. The service manager yelled at me on the phone saying what did I expect I brought him an old vehicle with tons of miles on it. Is this how Ford does business? Is this how Ford wants to be represented? Is this how you value your customers? Btw I've been waiting a week for the part and had to return the loaner they gave me or they would charge me for it. Their words. I'm taking this matter to the next level. They are rip off artists.

Jun 12, 2017

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