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I work for a Ford dealership (in sales), and I've only had one experience in the past that comes close to how bad this one has been. That was AT&T. But I think Ford takes the cake after this one. First of all, it's sad that when I pull up the "customer service" page that you see 1 star average after over 1000 reviews. I've been trying for 2 days to get a customer his military rebate. 1st, the fordsalutesthosewhoseserve.come has been acting screwy, and not accepting normal proof. 2nd- I had to submit a claim for him, since it wasn't accepting the normal proof. 3rd- was told to call back in a couple of hours and give the claim # to know what the outcome was. Tried calling and now the [protected] isn't working. Wasn't work yesterday, and not working today. either goes straight to a busy tone, or to a quick ringing of 5 rings and then silence. Tried calling a different 800 # (just general customer service #), and now am on my 5th re-direct to another 1800 #, each time being told that the person who directed me to the current person speaking, did so incorrectly, and that the current person speaking would transfer me to someone who can help. Needless to say, every time was a waste. I just spent 47 minutes, going through this ridiculous process to finally be transferred to the military rebate dept. I asked for a better # in case I were to run in to this problem again, and... wait for it... it gets better!!... she gives me the 877 # that's not working. I tell her that, and her response is "well that's the only # I know of to get you to us". My God!!! How about putting everyone in one call center, and, better yet, it not be in some 3rd world country (because it helps y'all make more $) where we have to speak to someone who I can't understand and they can't understand me!!! The automated system is terrible as well.

Nov 27, 2018

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