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Westminster, CA, United States

I purchased a 2016 Ford F350 Diesel and the brakes are horrible. I've been having problems where the pedal goes to the floor every so often and the anti lock system goes hay wire. It mainly happens when i'm getting on the freeway making a turn on the onramp not even touching my brakes. I took it into the local dealer which stated they could not find anything but rotors out of round and that my truck is too heavy for the brakes which is odd. The dealer is basically stating that my truck is a safety hazard to be on the road! I have a service body on the truck and it just has basic tools loaded in it. Anyhow the dealer stated that he brakes would not be covered under warranty. I stated I'm confused because isn't the truck covered for 3 years or 36K mile bumper to bumper? I guess the brakes are below the bumpers. The truck has 19K on it. I also have the same exact truck 2011 but 2 wheel drive and it has no brake issues. I contacted Ford to discuss why the dealer stated it wouldn't be covered and they stated they would call me back the next day. Well they did call just to state they would not cover brakes period because they consider them a wear item. It's sad that Ford has no concern for public safety nor the people that purchase their vehicles. I have 8 Ford Super Duties and 2 GMC 3500 Diesels. Gm takes care of everything period and Ford takes no responsibility. Because Ford won't warranty nor care to be concerned with the problem that the truck has I am left to turn this over to the company lawyer. I cannot drive a vehicle that is unsafe or as the dealer put it too heavy with the brakes it has to drive on the streets. Sad to see Ford is so weak to not stand behind its product...

Ford Motor Company
Ford Motor Company

May 5, 2017

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