Ford Motor Companycar repossession

I haven't been the best with making my payments on time but I do the best I can given my circumstances. In the process of moving in with my fiancé to a new home that she bought, starting a new and better job than I've had before, and finally building up some savings so I can pay off my DWI classes from 2012. Yes, I've been financially crippled for the past 6 years. Getting this vehicle at first was great. After the first year, I went thru a very hard divorce where I lost everything. I had nowhere to live and no job, which also meant I couldn't make my car payments. I struggled and eventually Ford repossessed the vehicle. My family was able to help me out and I got the vehicle back and found a decent job to get by for the time being. About 1.5 years down the road, I came into more hardships and vehicle was repossessed again. I called the company, brought the account back to current, and also was able to rewrite my contract to have lower payments. Things were looking good. Fast forward to now. I finally moved out of my old place and in with my fiancé where I can begin to save money and catch up on everything else I owe. My old house was in horrid shape due to water damage unforeseen until we pulled up the carpet. So I've been funneling money into that for repairs and to help my parents with the costs since they rented it to me. I started a new job that's bi-weekly pay and it's taking a little bit to reset everything to get it on the correct bill pay schedule. I knew I was overdue for 2 car payments, so last night after I got home from work, I made the two payments totaling $520. I did this thru Moneygram since it would be quick and direct with little to no wait time. I made the payment at 11:55pm and my vehicle was repossessed at 12:10am. After calling Ford Redemption department to inquire about my vehicle, they said they don't have the records from the tow company yet and it takes 24-48 hours to get before they can make a decision on what they want to do. I only owe one payment for this current month. My normal payment is $258.85 and I only owe $248 this month. Worst part is they won't even connect me to the Redemption department to speak to them. I'm assuming they're doing that so I will incur the fees from towing? And that's if they decide to let me have my car back. I know we all have hard times and this is the 3rd time but it's not for my lack of trying. Am I just trying too hard for nothing?

Jun 07, 2018

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