Ford Motor Company / brand new car keeps giving problems (not trustworthy)

Kuruman, South Africa

Dear Customer Service Team, Customer Service Team,
The dealership : Ford Upington,
Reg: CLR 075 NC
I am writing to you to raise an issue about Cars at Ford on May 1st, 2017.
I am driving a Ford Eco sport, model 2015, 1L with only 35 000 kilos. I got it brand new and I have it for 2 years now (May 2017). In this past 2 years it only gave me problems and I'm so disappointed in Ford. It already has a new gearbox (got it in 2015), a new engine (2016) -which is weird because its brand new. and currently its in Ford Kuruman AGAIN problems with the engine. A light came on saying: "multi function engine service now"and then it does not allow me to drive more than 40 km/ this is the 3rd time in 2 years the car has let me down. I''m women what if I drive with my kids alone to a far place and it does this. The car is so unstable ant not trustworthy. I am now without transport for almost a week and Ford can't tell me why my car keeps doing this or keeps giving me problems. I am so disappointed and feel like I want my money back. When I bought the car Ford Upington promised me that its a nice car trustworthy and all that kind of **** I'm sitting with the problems and that of a BRAND NEW CAR?? Each month I pay 4450 rand, witch is a lot and I feel like its money wasting.
I feel like as a trustworthy customer who always "brags"about Ford to other people (although Ford let me down so much), needs to give me a new car and take mine back. My car is not trustworthy and the chances that it will happen again is about 110%. I feel unsafe. And very disappointed in Ford!!Hope you will be able to assist me in this manner because I really am tired of struggling!!.
I look forward to a prompt response.
Please reply to my Resolver email account as I would like to keep all of my communications in my personalised complaints case file.
Attached is my statement of my payment every month. My car currently is at Ford Kuruman! You can also phone them if you like.

Yours faithfully

Jo-Lize van der Walt

Address: 1 Spogviooltjie Avenue, Bestwood estate, Kathu, , 8446

May 12, 2017

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