Ford Motor Company / ames ford lincoln

Ames, IA, United States

This ford has horrible customer service, my loaner car that I got from them while my car was in the shop was stolen and they immediately blamed me didn't listen to my side of the story. The GM was cussing at me calling my a liar and spread false statements around the dealer ship that I stole the car. So each employee treated me unfairly when I went in to pick up my car. Corey the used car salesman was yelling at me telling me I need to answer his questions or per his instructions from the GM he will call the cops. I had my sister with me and I was standing a distance away from her and Corey was yelling at thinking she was me. We think this was racially charged and we want our money back for having to pay for the loaner car. They charged us $643.22 because the head lights we taken out of it but found by my car at the dealership the cop said my hood was popped and my headlights were on the ground as well. So when I went in the next day to talk to the GM I told them what the police officer told me. And they "found" one of the loaner cars headlights in my car. Meaning someone found all the headlights on the ground and just put them back in the cars not looking to see which one went where. That's when the GM started cussing at me saying I did it. His reasoning behind it was that my rims and taillights were black so I took the headlights. They didn't provide any video/surveillance showing what happened. So they made me pay for a new key to the loaner, headlights to be reinstalled in the loaner, and my headlight to be replaced back in my car. I don't think I was treated fairly at all especially knowing I didn't do anything all I could do was sit there and let them talk down to me because they were threatening me with calling the cops and charging me with theft for something I didn't even do.

Sep 22, 2018

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