Ford Motor Company / 2017 ford fusion

Bounce Back Windows.

Every time my wife opens a window she manages to un-program it. It has been back to the dealer a few times and the best they can do is show me how to fix it.

I want to disable it. It is a Safety Hazard. The dealer says it can't be disabled.

She is going down an interstate. It is raining. She is going 65 MPH. she momentarily opens the window and can't close it. Instead of paying COMPLETE attention to her driving, she is fooling around with the window.

She is afraid to open the window in traffic. If someone approaches the car and the window is partially down and she attempts to close it, it will open fully.

The dealer claims all new cars have this feature. She went and checked out an Impala and it doesn't have it.

Google "Ford Bounce Back Windows" and you will find "About 739, 000 results (0.49 seconds)" entries. Mostly on how to reprogram it.

BTW, I filed a NHTSA complaint on it.

Nov 28, 2017

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