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My mother is an elderly lady that had been driving a Ford Taurus for many years. Since the Taurus was getting to be an older model, my husband and I decided to buy her a newer Ford car. We didn't want her to have any problems with it, since we live 250 miles away from her. That was the main reason we bought her this 2014 Ford Focus. We bought it for her in 2016. The salesman never did mention that this car had been recalled for having transmission problems. We would have NEVER bought her this model car if we had known that it had been recalled. We paid cash for the car and even bought her the extended warranty for that "just in case" problem or problems. Since we bought her the car, we have had to take it in to the dealership 4 times. The transmission has been slipping and causing problems. Imagine the frustration and worry that we have been going through for two years now. We've had to drive 250 miles every time the transmission slips to get it fixedcAllen, and one of those times we had to drive it to another dealership in another town, because Boggus Ford didn't have the mechanic to fix it. It took them a little over a week to fix it in Mission. We are so worried for my mom, especially when we were told that the transmission might slip into neutral while it's been driven. Imagine that! So in order to fix the problem, I asked if they could let me have another car of equal value and even exchange it. I wanted the same value that I paid for in 2016 and apply it to another car. They said that they would only pay us about half of what we paid. We paid $11, 500 plus tax plus the extended warranty. That's all I wanted. Then I called and spoke to Tyler, the Ford General Service Manager. His response was even worse. He wouldn't even consider a trade off. "No buy back", he said. I guess Ford doesn't care about their customers, not even if that customers is a senior citizen. He said that she would just have to accelerate the gas. What a response! I am saddened by the fact that a billion dollar corporation does not try to take care of its loyal customers. This is my mother that we're talking about. I pray that maybe someone in the "higher up" will have compassion and give us full value for our Ford Focus. We're willing to just trade it for another safer vehicle so that my mother will not have any problems.

Jul 24, 2018

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