Ford Credit / reinstatement of loan

Metairie, LA, United States

Ive been hurt and out of work fighting for my workers comp and was 68 days behind so they repoed my car. Im $1200 behind. I called and explained the situation to them and tried to get the loan reinstated but at same time i was on the phone a friend of mine (the one who actually was going to pay the past due) was on the phone the phone with them also unbe known to me. They told her that i could pay the past due and be reinstated but told me that id have to pay the full balance and 10 minutes later called her and told her the same thing they told me. I called back and asked what was going on and they said i was a high risk because someone else called. Ive invested over $30000 on the car and to lose over $1200 is cold hearted especially when i have the past due and ready to pay. I wont ever recommend anyone to ford or buy a ford again a day in my life.

Oct 16, 2017

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