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Ford / ford repos cars for nothing

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Well I never thought such a thing could happen¦In April I bought my wife a 2007 Ford Mustang. I also bought my daughter a 2005 Focus in July of 2007.I had these cars until the night of September 9, 2008 that was the night they repoed both cars. The first thing I did was to log onto my Ford credit account to see why, according to the Ford credit site I was not past due on the Focus account and due to a mistake I made as was $98.00 past due on the Focus account .I also looked up my payment history on the FMC site the history showed 16 payments for the Mustang and that was how long I had the car, the history showed 11 payment for the Focus and that was how long I had that car. I next pulled my three credit reports. According to the credit reposts the Mustang account had one past due payment, I made two payment as per arrangements with FMC, the same credit report showed no past due payments on the focus, because the $98.00 was not over 30 days past due.

When the car were taken in the middle of the night, the were in such a rush to get away they damaged the nose shroud of the Mustang, and get this they towed the Focus away backwards, now remember a Focus is a front wheel drive car, so the tires were squealing all the way down the road leaving black skid mark�s for almost a mile.

The next day I called FMC to find out what is going on here, and I got three different answers, answer one was that the account�s were 31 days past due, when I pointed out the fact that according to my on line FMC account I was current the lady got rude with me and hung up the phone. I called back and talked to another rep and was told that my auto insurance was expired and that Ford was protecting its interest. At the time I was changing my insurance from farmers to GIECO. The farmer�s policy was set to expire on Sep 22, and the GIECO policy was in-force on Sep 3 I also pointed that out giving him the policy numbers and a point of contact. He did not say anything but offered to help me get the cars back, I told him about the damage to both cars (I have photos) he stated that was not Ford�s responsibility and that I was responsible for the damages as well as all repo fees. So I told him to just keep the cars as I was not going to pay for there mistake. I called again the next day and talked to a supervisor that told me that my credit had been reevaluated and I was a credit risk (with a 733 Beacon score) I explained that all payment were made and I had proof, he said take us to court and hung up When I next tried to log onto my FMC account it had been closed only 3 days after the cars were taken, it also hit my credit report 6 day latter.

I have been a Ford customer for 18 years, buying a 92 Tempo, 99 Taurus, 01Explorer, 05 Expedition and then the 05 Focus and 07 Mustang, I also had all my servicing and repairs done at Ford dealers. Well after this Ford will not get one more red cent out of me, and I will tell everyone about Ford and there BS.

So I am doing what the supervisor told me to do I gave my family attorney the pages I printed for the FMC web site (yes I printed the payment history, account history, as well as the payment pages that stated when the last payment was made and due. I also gave him the credit reports I paid for showing that the accounts were up to date according to all three reporting agencies. So we will see where it goes from here. I want Ford to pay, for the embarrassment, stress, my wife missing work, my daughter missing work and school because we only have one car left as well as what ever else my attorney can come up with.

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  • Ma
      13th of Apr, 2009
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    i will never deal with ford credit again, i called two times to get a closeout on my lease.i was told the same amount both times i called. i made a deal to lease a toyota, the toyota dealer called ford credit just to make sure that the amount i gave them was accurate which ford credit gave them the same amount.two weeks later i get a bill from ford credit with a three hundred past due amount attached to it. now what should i do? is there anyway i can fight it? should i ask ford to meet me half way since they gave me the wrong info not once but three times.

  • Ch
      18th of Apr, 2012
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    I Christiaan Lewis am not impressed with service quality rendered by Ford smdgroup and the vehicle that Ford smd group has sold to me as the client.Firstly the deal that was done in August 2011 was rubbed of on me and when I as the consumer wanted to pull out as it is to expensive, the dealer said it is to late and that the deal was already in process. Secondly the shocks came loose at km15 000 and the vehicle had to go back a second time to get it tightened and fixed.thirdly the vehicle overheated and was taken in for a check up and problem finding at km45 000 were i was told there is grass between the radiator and had to be cleaned, the day after the vehicle overheated again, the gasket blew.The vehicle is stripped down head removed at the dealership workshop, water leaked in everywhere in engine block because of bad service, and bad maintenance delivered by ford smd group, the vehicle is up to date with all it services.I as the consumer feel ripped off, haw long is this going to carry on is this going to persist.It seems as I made a bad decision on buying a ford.

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