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Ford / local sa service lets ford down dismally.

1 South Africa Review updated:

I challenge all you Ford lovers, leave a message at your favorite Ford customer service to check if they my experience no one is ever available and messages are never returned. Possibly there is another number but my advice is not to waste your time phoning the Ford customer service at [protected]. I have left in excess of 10 messages and have yet to have someone return my call. I have asked for the problem to be escalated, and again this is an impossible task. They will not let you get hold of the MD. Either his staff are pulling the wool over his eyes or he doesn’t care to know.

The reason for trying to contact Ford SA customer care was 8 months of chasing after dealers and not getting issues successfully resolved. Now more than 2 months, 5 e-mails and at least 50 calls, all that has happened is that I am frustrated and still have a vehicle that is not operating in the manner that it should.

So let’s get to the problem and as to why I was trying to contact Ford SA. For starters my car, a Terrotory ST, which is the most expensive passenger product that Ford SA offer was in at Fury Ford William Nicol for about 15 working days last year. It would have been longer but the last time, I was scheduled to leave the car for another week, Ford was going to give me a replacement car (The service manager’s car). When I went to drop off the car they had a Fiesta for me but I was told that I would have to sign accepting an excess of R40 000 should anything go wrong – this is totally ridiculous, as I was not taking my vehicle in due to my own fault.

What are the problems that I have been having that they haven’t been able to fix.
• Faulty cruise control, been in 5 times to have this fixed. I finally asked my brother in law to help. He found that the brake light and cruise control switch connected to the brake pedal was faulty and fixed with a piece of cardboard.
• Arm rest fixed twice broken again.
• ‘Clonking’ noise in the front right (Sounds like shock) fixed once re-occurring again.
• The warning signal for the lights has stopped working, I think this is a result of them trying to fix the cruise control.

To add insult to injury this Christmas I was on vacation in Knysna. I checked and there was a local dealer as the car was getting close to its 45 000 service. When I got to Knysna I phoned the dealer to book the car in and was told that the Ford dealer was being bought out and they weren’t taking other bookings. So I was back on the phone to my favorite FORD SA customer service team. I was given 3 stories 1st they were being bought out so weren’t taking other bookings, 2nd they didn’t have parts, 3rd they were fully booked, they could only fit me in on the 6th January (3 weeks lead time). To get to this point took 10 days and as many calls.

Early last year when I got my car back from a service they left me with a dent. I have to wonder is this due to an overfull workshop resulting from their lack of ability to resolve problems.

I don’t know what is worse the dealers inability to fix problems or the Ford customer service department lack of service. The sad thing about this whole lot is that I like the car, but I guess without the back-up of local supplier that is useless.

To tell you the truth I would not buy another Ford even at half the price.

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  • Al
      1st of Mar, 2010
    +1 Votes

    I purchased a fleet of 15 Ford Fiestas and 11 Ford bakkies in May 2009. This is my second time buying Fords. The problem with the new Ford Fiesta's is that they have a serious problem sith the ignition key. I have complained on a continual basis without success. My technical team now have to use a pliers to get hold of the ingition key to start the vehicle. This is a design fault that is not being sorted out by Ford.

  • Kz
      17th of May, 2010
    0 Votes

    I bought ford focus (Auto) 2.0 two years ago and ford sold me extended warrenty, last year october my ford started giving me gearbor problems, i took it ford dealer and they submitted the claim to inovation group and they didn't want to pay. I fixed my the gearbox and it is still giving the same problems, we took back and they say they can't figure out the problem. how on earth they build something they can't fix or detemine the problem? they had my car for two weeks they can't fix the problem. I will never buy ford car again in my life. the service is bad and they don't know what they doing.

  • En
      4th of Apr, 2011
    0 Votes

    I am experiencing a similar experience with my Ford Bantam I bought in Decmber 2009 brand new. It has been leaking since then (when I was it as well as when it rains if it is on an incline)

    It has been with Ford Kempster Umhlanga Dealership, who seemed not to take my concern seriously as it does matter to them. To them it is like I am trying my luck to get a new car. My issue though is that this problem surfaced when the car was still brand new. What a f...

    I find that FORD is very poor in after sale service.

    As a result I would wish my enemies to buy a FORD CAR. To my friends, never ever consider purchasing a FORD car as they are only interested in making a SALE, but not to satisfy a client.

  • Hh
      5th of Jan, 2012
    0 Votes

    I had a bad experience today. 6/01/2012 Vehicle booked in, list all the problems, Paid for the vehicle and only to find that they did not fix two of my problems and yet not shy to charge you for something that is not fixed. I had to drive back, petrol wasted and also my log book was not even stamped. Guys, I can not even blame it on the new S.A as it is still the old S.A who did the service, Shocking.

    Dissatisfied customer. :{

  • Fr
      2nd of Feb, 2012
    0 Votes

    I bought a Ford Figo. Since day 1 I had a problem with the driver seat that just dislodges itself whilst i am driving. It is now 18 months down the line and Hatfield Auto and Ford Customer Care is still unable to resovle the issue. i was texted last week to bring my car in to Hatfield Auto on 1 Feb 12 to have the new part fitted. I left the car at 07h00 just to be phoned by Hatfield Auto at 4pm and be informed that they have the wrong part and the car will only be ready later. They could not confirm when it will be ready.

    I think the service of Ford Customer Care and Hatfield Auto is way below standard.

    Fred Fieldhouse

  • Em
      25th of Jul, 2013
    0 Votes

    i have bought my fiesta 2013 model on the 6th june 2013 since then the ford have not yet released the car in the system and i am afraid of driving the car since it is a target for criminals as it is not yet registered on my name.I appeal with Ford to assist me on this matter as the situation is beyond my control and the dealership that i bought the car from is unable to assit me with the registration due to above mentioned challenge.I have been driving with the permit since 6th june 2013 until now, so it means i have been driving with three permits so far.Please could you email on this number for or call me on :0735091832.

    your respond will be highly appreciated.

  • Ni
      13th of Jul, 2015
    0 Votes

    I have a 2014 Ford Focus ST3. The engine light came on 2 weeks ago, gone to a dealership 3 times in one week and I'm still sitting with the problem. the vehicle is boosting nowhere the way it should. I would think that this is their flagship vehicle and to get this sort of service is absolutely appalling. so now I'm driving a performance car that does not perform. They make absolute, y no attempt to assist. i would never suggest that anybody buy a Ford nor would I buy another myself

  • No
      27th of Aug, 2015
    0 Votes

    I just bought a brand new ford focus ST. Problems with the clutch at 6000km with it smoking and burning, even at low speeds whilst driving. Ford now want me to cover the expense of the repair work which is R27 000.00. This is after having taken out the extra 80000km maintenance plan. Wish I had bought a VW.

  • Ze
      22nd of Apr, 2016
    0 Votes

    I have sleepless nights, I loved my Ford Kuga with all my heart and I was hoping that it will take me very far.Hardely 3 years I started having problems when the dealership at The Glen Johannesburg South when I took my car for 60000km service, They told me that I have to pay R22000 for Clutch repairs. When I took this matter seriously and needed explanation they change the story and said it was Spark Plugs Which they recorded on the log book that they changed the spark plugs and they appologised and promised to even buy me new tires. Even so I reported the matter to Ford SA and they didnt even keep up to their promise.
    I was going on a Holiday and I had to forget about it because my car was with Ford.

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