FNB / early payment seen as non payment

South Africa

I received notification that payment on my FNB Credit card is in arrears. This is not true. I’m currently on study leave and I’m not able to go to the bank. Due to this matter I made an early payment on 03/03/2012 of R2000. This was my payment for end of March as I already made a payment for end of February on 27/02/2012.
I was charged a late payment fee of R210 on 31/03/2012. How can they charge me late payment fee if I made an early payment????? I received an sms that they took R180 from my Smart Account and transferred it to my Credit Card. I didn't give permission to take money from my account. According to FAIS and FICA this is against the law and I am considering taking legal action. If payment was not made I can understand it, but I made an early payment. I keep on receieving sms's that payment is in arrears and nothing is done to sort this out.

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