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I am a turkish but I live in bangladesh and I work here as a teacher... Anyway 22.07.2011 I traveled from istanbul to chittagong when we reached the airport I could not get one of my luggage... They told me do not be worried we will find your baggage. After some days we realized that there was no hope about my baggage... So they informed me they would pay money for it. There is a disgusting operation they call "settlements" started... I waited for 45 days for the damn settlements. I am calling them they are telling me our employee went for vacation you have to wait for his come.. Even this nonsense explanation I heard from them.. At last after 70 days from 22.07.2011 they called and brought a paper to me... The payment was 350$ as a joke for me... I lost my luggage which was 26 kg and my lost is almost 1000$ but they are offering me 350$... I told them I am doing bad advertisement of flydubai as much as I can... We have 1600 students in our school and much more 3000 friends and guardians... Anyway now what can I do for increasing the payment

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  • Pe
      21st of Nov, 2011

    I am Pervez Ashraf, a Pakistani living in Karachi. I flew from Dubai to Karachi on 4th Sept 2011 along with my wife on FZ-331.
    On opening the zip luggage at my residence, to my utter disgust, all items including cell phones worth Dhs.1, 000/ were stolen & the ripped packing placed/ retained in the suitcase.
    The skill of opening the ZIP & replacing it back, is really a PIECE OF ART of the baggage department of Fly Dubai, as the passenger will only come to know on opening of the luggage only. (How clever you never claimed it at the airport????)
    When you approach the airline for the claim, they give you a very good COLD SHOULDER as if you don't matter at all.
    The Karachi office at least have the decency to listen to you, whereas the Dubai office don't even bother to answer your umpteenth number of emails.
    Talk about settling your loss of meagre Dhs.1, 000/ is liking claiming Millions???.
    The worst & the most SHOCKING part, you find items of other passengers in your luggage.????
    Imagine if the baggage department guys place some DRUGS or Banned items in your luggage??? How will you justify its not yours.
    Imagine from 4th Sept 2011 to date 21st Nov 2011, i am still making calls & sending mails, & still day dreaming that One day Fly Dubai Management might wake up or have made enough earnings of Dhs.1, 000/ ????? to pay back!!!

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  • Ma
      10th of Dec, 2014

    sir, i am flying from afghanistan on 4th decmber. I have lost my stuff from my bag. I need my stuff back. what i can do for that
    Ramakrishnapillaimadhusoodhanan pillai

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  • Ha
      21st of Dec, 2015

    I have a lost baggaage while coming from Dubai to Hyd.. I have called the staff for 10 times to track the bag. The flydubai staff is so rude and irresponsible that they are asking me pay money to send the bag to the home. Initially they promised me to send the bag to the home address. Now they are asking me to pay the money to get the back to the home address. I have never had any airlines behaving so cheap.
    Despite telling them about personally intense situation, the staff is behaving rough & not listening to customer situation and making me feel that it was my fault for missing the bag.

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  • Zu
      14th of Feb, 2016

    I traveled from dubai to Pakistan (faisalabad) and my bag is lost, the customer center there told me that I will hopefully get my bag in next 2 or 3 days.
    Is this a common thing when travelling ini flydubai?
    Zubair Abass

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  • El
      9th of Aug, 2018

    My luggage was delayed when flying to zanzibar... I was handed 5 days latter. Will I get a refund?

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  • Mm
      19th of Dec, 2018

    On 14 Dec 18, I traveled from Dhaka by Emirates(EK 585) and had a connecting flight upto Entebbe(Uganda) by Fly dubai.I have checked my baggage at Dhaka upto Entebee(Baggage Tag EK 598458) but couldn't get it since then. It is the sole responsibility of Fly dubai to back my baggage. I want my baggage back. You do whatever you have measures but please trace my baggage and give me back. I have provided maximum contents and description of my baggage to you includng photos. So please do the needful thing immediately.

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