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Miramar, FL, United States
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I am writing to request assistance for a power outage service request that started on 6/13/17 and as of 6/21/17 is still not handled.

I had a power outage on my house due to an old line that frayed. After multiple attempts to politely get it fixed, and filing multiple requests for help I have opted to file a complaint in the hopes that the tree trimming company will be out on 6/21/17 or 6/22/17 before 10:00 am.

The series of events that happened are:
1. Lost electric to 1/2 house due to old wiring on my house
2. Called fpl to assist for 1/2 electric outage
3. After 48 hours FPL person came after 12:00 am to look at my electric. He
said he would send someone the next day during the daylight which is what I agreed to.
4. 4 big men came to my door at 1:30 in the morning to trim my trees. I live in a lower middle class neighborhood that is not safe. (women down the street was killed in her house). They said the trees would be removed within 24 hours. Two big trees were cut down, and the debri is all over the yard making it inaccessible, unsafe due to the local racoon problem we have and making it easy to get injured.
5. Power was lost to the whole house.
6. Crew came and replaced the line to my house
7. After men left, meter was reading error code.
8. I called it in, and about 48 hours later someone came to look at it. It was replaced.
9. Someone called after I called FPL, and they were polite and said someone would be in on 6/21 in the morning.
10. As of 6/21/2017, the trees are still in the backyard. It appears as if the order was registered as complete when no one had a actually called.

My request is to please have someone come out to my house for ticket number 528 created on 6/15/17. Please let me know about when they are coming so I can be make sure I am available to let them in.


Jun 21, 2017

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