Florida Power & Light [FPL] / no power - briarcliff area of fort myers florida

Fort Myers, FL, United States

All the surrounding communities around us have had their power restored but us in Briarcliff. There are no down power poles in Briarcliff that anyone of us can locate & no trees on the lines as well. No FPL trucks or workers in Briarcliff trying to restore power to our neighborhoods of over a couple thousand people who live back here in South Fort Myers.

So something needs to be done as our homes are starting to smell because of the mold trying to set into our homes being so darn hot. FPL does not even show up to investigate or put out an update to our area. There is no apparent reason for us not to have our power restored like all the close surrounding communities that have their power restored.

FPL this is ridiculous & you should be ashamed for the lack of service you give all of us but you surely take our money every month regardless. I would like to hear from our government officials to get something done about this. I hope that a fellow Briarcliff resident will see this post and start to make complaints as well.

Please past this complaint onto the right officials to get our power back on ASAP!

Sep 15, 2017

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